United States Dressing Room Forum for Hetalia: A forum built to rp, draw, and play around with state OCs.
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 Grettings Newcomers!

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PostSubject: Grettings Newcomers!   Thu Mar 03, 2011 5:31 am


This is the admin of the site, soon to be the Arkansas/Ohio/others on this entire forum. I thought I'd start off by explaining a few things about this forum.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with any of this, basically it's a forum I've created in fandom of the anime 'Hetalia', which is a anime about the personifications of countries, etc, and shown through humorous and serious strips. Just historical and meant to bring people together. Hetalia really is nice, even though the fandom is obviously getting a bit out of control now that it has hit America, but, really, what hits America and manages to SURVIVE is the real question?

I've been in the Hetalia fandom myself for 3-4 years now and quite versed in it...However, my attention was pulled towards the OC state personifications that people began to make in the US of their states. How could I resist that? I actually was never pro-American at all, I hated my own country for a long time and was not proud of it. Hetalia was only the starting of my interest in history but it was States!Hetalia that opened up the doors and let me appreciate my own country and state. I'm full blown Arkansan, born and raised, and ridiculously proud of it, loving the history and everything of my home state. Obviously you have a curiosity for your own state or other states as well, or you still wouldn't be reading this now!

I thought I'd create a forum to bring those people together who have made personifications of their own states. Yes I know there are other forums out there, I belong to two of them right now, not including this one, and not including the groups on DA so yes. I thought it was about time I made one, I was kinda sick and tired of not having control of them or being able to manage them....Especially with how they'd become inactive after awhile and no one cared. What I also want is a certain standard of admission. If you want in, you're going to have to actually try, no half-assing or anything. I'll have rules set up soon addressing what I expect as well as restating what I expect on the applications and whatnot. I've already made the application itself, which is 20 detailed questions, so you better be ready to know your own state and represent it proudly.

But you know what? This forum differs from others. Do you know why? It's a fully supportive Dressing Room Forum. Which, if you guys don't know what that term means...Basically a 'Dressing Room' is where different characters of the same thing are allowed in. Take for instance, there are two people who both play a California. Or even more? It doesn't matter the amount. Either way, more than one person is trying to take one spot. In normal rps and forums, this isn't allowed. They only want one person to fill that spot only, claim it, and maintain it. However, I don't see it that way. That's a good way to go, however, it's a bit unfair to those who get in 'late in the game' or something. Some characters are more popular than others so they'll obviously have people flocking to try and cram that position. Dressing rooms ALLOW more than one person playing a character. I actually think it would be fascinating to see all of the different versions of states. Everyone isn't going to design a character the same way as you, and you shouldn't feel hatred or anything towards it. You should embrace it and be curious about it. That's another person from the same state as you, you could make really good friends and be able to connect!

So, this site DOES allow any amount of people, there is no set list, etc. If you want a state, let's say Kansas, and there's already a Kansas? WELL APPLY ANYWAYS. It doesn't matter here.

However, what does matter is STANDARD. There are rules that are expected to be followed by. And I have a standard and if you don't KNOW your own state, which I CAN TELL by your application, or try any lame shit like copy/pasting the information, half-assing it, or anything, I'll know and you will be refused immediately. You have three tries for entry as any one select state. Three strikes and you're out. If you can't manage to fix your application by the third try, you will be refused and not allowed to try again as that character.

Also, another note, you CAN apply as ANY state. And it doesn't matter if you already play a certain state on here. You can play just a Nevada OR you can also sign up as an Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, THE LIST GOES ON FOREVER. As long as you RESEARCH and KNOW about your state in question and are able to fill out an application right...You're good to go! However, for every state you wish to make...You MUST create different accounts for ALL of them (So you better remember them!) and also RETAKE the ENTIRE application ALL OVER again and wait to be accepted. At LEAST THREE MODS MUST APPROVE YOUR APPLICATION. IF EVEN ONE MOD HAS A PROBLEM WITH YOUR APPLICATION IN SOME WAY OR FORM YOU WILL BE FORCED TO REVISE AND FIX THE ERROR YOU MADE UNTIL IT IS SATISFACTORY.

I mainly aim to make all of these rules and standards so that it FILTERS out the people who obviously want to be a part of this and wish to apply and have fun like me. Obviously someone who is too lazy to read will immediately stop. Obviously someone who is too lazy to fill out all 20 questions efficiently will drop it. It's a automatic filtering system that I have made to root out those of you who actually do want this and try. I'm not asking for perfect, I'm not asking for the best, and I'm not making a strict Nazi regime or anything. I simply wish to make the best out of this and hopefully meet a bunch of amazing people and their representations of their personifications of the United States.

So, now that we're all through with the heavy bits and explaining...And the surprising fact that you seemed to MAKE IT through all of my ramblings...I congratulate you! You are obviously one of the people I'm looking for and WANT to join this community. Please, create an account (Representing your state, of course), and go on with applying and letting me get to know you! I honestly can't wait to meet you, have fun, and derp around.

And if you have any questions, please refer to the section in this category about 'Help'! I'll be happy to answer them for you. Also, if you'd like to now read up on the rules, which I highly suggest you do so you can know the standard and expectations here...Also to try not to break any rules yourself...Please click on the 'Rules And Regulations' bit!

I sincerely thank you for reading all of this and hope you have fun with this forum and stay active for us!

-Admin (Arkansas/Ohio/etc)
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Grettings Newcomers!
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