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 Things To Know!

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PostSubject: Things To Know!   Things To Know! EmptyThu Mar 03, 2011 8:51 am

Well, we all like a challenge here and there and this is also a way to bring life to the forum once I get it up and running. Goes dead? FFF YEAH RIGHT. There are tons of things to do and keep up with, like hell you wanna fall behind on this site!

Most of these will be challenges, seeing as how I'm BROKE YO. And until I get a job...Or another member is willing to fork up something in exhange...We won't hold contests very often. I say 'challenge' because it challenges you, the only reward being the effort you went through and passed. A 'contest' usually involves a prize and I GOT NOTHING LOL. But, as I said before, that could change if a member decides to pitch in or something. Hell, the rewards could be something as simple as fanart for the top three winners or something, anything you guys want!

So yeah, if you want to start a challenge or a contest...GO FOR IT. If you're making a contest, like, to see who draws your state-tan the best or something, you could always offer prizes like fanart or something in return. Idk, I'm just trying to think of something and get the ball rollin, eh?

Keep in mind the main rules for the site! And have fun out there! eue <3
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Things To Know!
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