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 Site Challenge: Banner For The Site!

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Site Challenge: Banner For The Site! Empty
PostSubject: Site Challenge: Banner For The Site!   Site Challenge: Banner For The Site! EmptyThu Mar 03, 2011 8:57 am

Hey you guys! I know we won't be able to probably do this one for awhile because of lack of members for now, seeing as how I just made the site and a lot of you are at school or something, obviously have yet to apply or anything to get in...

HOWEVER. When we finally get a bunch of members in and active in the group...I'd like to challenge you guys to draw a banner for this site! It'll be at the top of the page every time someone clicks ANYWHERE on this site. You know where it says 'United States Dressing Room Forum...' Blah blah blah? It'll be in the blank space above that.

What I'm looking for is someone to draw A BUNCH of the characters here. I'd like it to be a more horizontal picture reaching from each black edge of this main area box thing to the other, above that text. I can't explain it very well so I'll give you an example.


You see how they have the Hogwarts banner? Spread out and horizontal like that and showing a bunch of the characters. I'd like something just as dramatic and cool for this site featuring a bunch of our characters! As I said, this obviously isn't going to happen soon, or even, at all. I hope someone will accept this challenge (Idk if I'll even do it myself, I'll have to see with all that I'm doing) and submit their entry here! As I said, you won't really get a reward for this, as stated in the sticky...But what could be a better reward than seeing your artwork on EVERY FRONT PAGE on this SITE no matter WHERE YOU CLICK? How many people will see it? Isn't that cool to think of?

So yeah, you guys think about it. I hope you guys can come up with something cool once we get a lot of people and different personifications up in here ouo ~<3
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Site Challenge: Banner For The Site!
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