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 Rules! Things You Should Know.

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Rules! Things You Should Know. Empty
PostSubject: Rules! Things You Should Know.   Rules! Things You Should Know. EmptyThu Mar 03, 2011 9:10 am

Ok, so I started up this section of the artwork gallery because...I always find it lacking in other places and so needed.

When I became interested in the states and all, I soon became interested in creating more characters and learning about the other states. If anything, it's like having a back-up character and it doesn't hurt to learn about them anyways, right? And don't give me that excuse of 'Oh, well, you're not from there' because look at Hidekez -sp- or whatever his name is that made Hetalia. He obviously WASN'T BORN In ALL those damn countries, yet he obviously made it so popular. That doesn't mean everything he did about the characters is right, heaven forbid no. However, he did hit on quite a bit on some of the characters. He mostly was trying to make light of it all and jokes a lot...Bringing out the nations' stereotypes. I mean, come on. That's basically what Hetalia was BUILT ON YO. Iggy's bad cooking and big brows? Russia's drinking and insanity? Italian stupidity? American fatness and just retarded-ness in general? THIS IS WHAT HETALIA WAS BUILT ON. So wouldn't it make sense to take your stereotypes of states and put them in the same fashion?

Oh, and btw, when I was a bit younger my parents actually took me, my brother, my aunt, and my uncle on a HUGE RV trip across the United States. My uncle, from Texas, actually had to pick up this expensive car he was buying from some guy in Oregon so he tagged along to grab it too. It was tons of fun and I got to see SO MUCH I would've never experienced otherwise. So I DO have a bit more credit than you're giving me, having at least BEEN to some of these places. The only places I haven't gone is out of the United States entirely... Hawaii... Alaska... And probably most of the North Eastern United States. I've been to everything else in between and I'm actually even thinking of moving to New Jersey sometime soon later this year if things work out so I'll finally get to see the East coast more and everything anyways! I love traveling.

I started up a big project with myself not long ago...A big 'First Impression' project. I took a notebook and I gave each state their own page. In a small section of it, I drew my first impression of that state. California? Dumb blonde, big purse, big hair, big boobs, etc...Massachusetts? Irish, murdering, angry, drinking, etc...And the list goes on and on. I drew quite a few first impressions and I still have LOTS to go. However, I wanted to draw their first impressions AND THEN draw the 'after' picture of when I actually researched and learned all about them. I have plenty of books in my library and all the extensive information on the internet at my disposal so why should it be that hard? I just gotta get up off my lazy ass and actually do something about it, yanno?

So, I created this. For those of you who have first impressions like me and want to show other people...But you're not wanting to go through the whole process of getting a damn account and retaking that long test FOR EVERY SINGLE ONE just to upload a damn sketch or drawing. I understand you, which is why I've created this. Show off your other state drawings, not of your own registered state! You're free to post as you please, just keep in mind the rules and all will be hunkey dorey! eue

-Admin (Arkansas/Ohio/Etc)
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Rules! Things You Should Know.
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