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 Rules! Things You Should Know.

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PostSubject: Rules! Things You Should Know.   Thu Mar 03, 2011 9:40 am

Alright, listen up! The art rules are a tad more different from the general site rules but pretty much all still apply, and I'll repost the ones that majorly apply to this area.

Quote :

(1.) We, of course, expect you to abide by all of the rules set forth for this online community. If there are any violations you will receive a warning. Three strikes and you're out completely and pulled from the group. We try to be very fair though and you can appeal.

Not much to explain about this. Follow the rules or face the consequences.

Quote :
(2.) No faggotry. This means no stupid flame-wars, being a fucktard in general, etc.

Again, not much to say. Don't be a faggot and we won't treat you like a faggot, faggot.

Quote :
(3.) We like those who care. If you don't care enough to do some research or put A LITTLE effort into YOUR OWN damn character, consider yourself denied.

This can apply to art as well. If you're drawing someone like Arkansas in raver outfits, you obviously don't know SHIT about the state and need to lrn2doanythingggg. If you can even do that |:C

Quote :
(6.) I have no problem with cussing, explicit things, gore, or etc. Other people might. If there is an rp or something that contains a lot of these things that someone is offended by, be sure to warn them. Especially on pictures. There are people who are not comfortable with these things, like yuri or yaoi, and those sections will have their own sections with warnings before you enter.

As I said, I don't have a problem with it. Others might. Make sure to have a warning beside the link to your picture or make it JUST A LINK rather than posting up the whole image like you might do. People may have family behind them or at work or SOMETHING and need to know BEFORE they click that it's bad. Just give people a heads up, please.

Quote :
(7.) If you have a problem with something, you're welcome to voice your opinion, like if you're offended by something like in rule 6. HOWEVER. DO NOT GO INTO A YAOI BOARD AND THEN COMPLAIN OR BE OFFENDED BY WHAT YOU SEE. YOU WERE WARNED, DON'T GO LOOKING FOR THINGS YOU HATE. This will fall into category of rule 2 and you will be warned, faggot. However, if there is a genuine problem, someone harassing you or something, please tell a mod all of the details and we shall be sure to address it and help you.

Don't go looking for fights. Nothing irks me more than a person who simply LOOKS for something to argue with or fight over. It's like searching youtube for an artist you hate and constantly spamming their videos with hate. What's wrong with you, are you retarded? IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT LEAVE IT ALONE.

Quote :
(9.) This is a DRESSING ROOM forum, which means that doubles or more of states/territories ARE ALLOWED. No ifs-ands-or-butts about it. I don't CARE if you're angry that there is another New York and you want to claim that spot, tough, deal with it and learn to accept other people's personifications. I will not let them into the group unless they know their stuff and have passed the application in. So if they're in and on the big list, that obviously means they're ok. You guys are from the same state, you should learn to appreciate your comrades.

This forum supports Dressing Room. So no bitching and moaning about seeing two of the same state (Different versions or something) in a picture together if it's submitted to the DR forums ene;

Quote :
(11.) No Mary-Sues. Or the male version either, as well. Oh dear god no. We can and will spot you folks who attempt this card and we /WILL/ KILL IT WITH FIRE. The end.

It's possible to Mary-Sue with pictures, trust me. Just draw a perfect being with no problems and had everything and AMG WINGS AND SPARKLE HAIR AND SHE CAN FLY AND--Yeah no. Kill me now.

Quote :

(12.) No god-modding. Know the abilities and limits of your own character. No one is invincible and you need to have a good understanding of your environment and different factors....Rule continues on.

Same thing about the Mary-Sues applies here too! You can god-mode in pictures. One man fighting and beating a over 9000 army? Yeah no. Be realistic.

Quote :
(14.) At least TRY to sound intelligent with your posts. I don't care if your character is or not, but when you're writing out their actions and descriptions, try to maintain good grammar and spelling. It's something called spell check and re-reading your post....Rule continues on.

This can apply to the words you use AROUND your submission of pictures. What you're explaining of how you feel, titles, or ANYTHING about the picture. At least use grammar and spelling here, you have spell check on here, dammit, it's the least you can do for yourself.

Quote :
(15.) I want you guys to have fun but also keep this all clean, neat, organized, and set standards....Rule continues on.

As said, we just want to keep it clean, neat, and organized but fun. And with standards.

As for the groups of how these should be sorted out. I will most likely handle the groups myself, sorting them into regions of the United states. If you have a state you've drawn that, magically, can't be sorted into one of these groups or you don't want to, that's fine and you're welcome to start up a new topic of how you'd like to sort it, it doesn't matter. Just make sure to say in your topic what group/character/etc!
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Rules! Things You Should Know.
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