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 Group Drawing Rules

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PostSubject: Group Drawing Rules   Thu Mar 03, 2011 10:00 am

Alright you guys! These pretty much follow the same rules as the art gallery has stated, I'm not going to repeat myself and if you aren't fluent in them already then you obviously aren't reading and need to leave. Most of it is pretty much common sense and regular annoyances that irk rpers, artists, and people alike. I'm just laying the bottom line.

Welcome to group pictures and drawings though! You may post pictures here with 3+ states/territories in them. This can include your OC(s) and/or cannon character(s). Meaning you can have like, a family photo of say...Some New Englanders with America. Or with Iggy. Or any of that, it doesn't matter, just as long as there is 3+.

If the character isn't yours (Say you're drawing someone else's OC into the picture), be sure to credit! And make sure if you have anything graphic, violent, full of cusswords, nudity, sexuality, etc, that you please instead put it as a link and put a warning beside it that says something like ('WARNING, NOT WORK SAFE') or anything. I personally don't have a problem with it but others might.

Other than that, feel free to start up a topic (Like New Englanders, etc)... I know you're thinking that this all should go in the Regions area, however, I consider that area for 'SOLO' pictures of each state. So like, a whole section on New Hampshire...Vermont...Maine...And so on. Whereas here, you can draw them like a family. Just 3+, ok? ouo
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Group Drawing Rules
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