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 Rules And Regulations!

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PostSubject: Rules And Regulations!   Thu Mar 03, 2011 6:05 am

(Just to let you guys know, this section is still under construction since I'm still building the site up and haven't gotten too much done. I have the rules, however, I wanted to draw cute KAWAIIDESUDESU chibis to the rules to illustrate them and to draw out all of my first impressions of my personification of states to show you guys. I'm still working on them and will post them up as soon as I get done with them. However, in the meantime, I'll just post up the rules themselves and you can read over them. Even if they aren't as cute as they would be with the pictures...For now.)



(1.) We, of course, expect you to abide by all of the rules set forth for this online community. If there are any violations you will receive a warning. Three strikes and you're out completely and pulled from the group. We try to be very fair though and you can appeal.

(2.) No faggotry. This means no stupid flame-wars, being a fucktard in general, etc.

(3.) We like those who care. If you don't care enough to do some research or put A LITTLE effort into YOUR OWN damn character, consider yourself denied.

(4.) Doing research isn't enough. You need to get your facts straight and know what you're talking about. What's the point of saying anything if you don't have anything to back it up with?

(5.) This site isn't all seriousness and all...We do joke around and play around, certainly. But I do not want it ONLY playing around and joking or ONLY seriousness. I want half and half. There will be boards for serious posts and boards for derping around. If you make a character, you should be able to handle them in any situation and that means being able to play them in both SERIOUS /AND/ CRACK rps. Do NOT say things like 'I can only crack rp' or 'I only do serious', I'll filter you back to this rule. I don't like that attitude. Try harder, trust me, you'll improve. If anything, you probably don't realize just how good you are and are just lacking confidence. What better way to build it up than to build it up here?

(6.) I have no problem with cussing, explicit things, gore, or etc. Other people might. If there is an rp or something that contains a lot of these things that someone is offended by, be sure to warn them. Especially on pictures. There are people who are not comfortable with these things, like yuri or yaoi, and those sections will have their own sections with warnings before you enter.

(7.) If you have a problem with something, you're welcome to voice your opinion, like if you're offended by something like in rule 6. HOWEVER. DO NOT GO INTO A YAOI BOARD AND THEN COMPLAIN OR BE OFFENDED BY WHAT YOU SEE. YOU WERE WARNED, DON'T GO LOOKING FOR THINGS YOU HATE. This will fall into category of rule 2 and you will be warned, faggot. However, if there is a genuine problem, someone harassing you or something, please tell a mod all of the details and we shall be sure to address it and help you.

(8.) I have a problem with originality and such. Like, for the applications and any other places...If we see that you have taken information from an online source that wasn't yours or put into your own words, then we shall take action. No copy and paste or copy-pasta. If it was originally yours to begin with, that's ok. Like if you copy and paste history from Wikipedia about your state as an answer, that's what we're having problems with and will warn you on.

(9.) This is a DRESSING ROOM forum, which means that doubles or more of states/territories ARE ALLOWED. No ifs-ands-or-butts about it. I don't CARE if you're angry that there is another New York and you want to claim that spot, tough, deal with it and learn to accept other people's personifications. I will not let them into the group unless they know their stuff and have passed the application in. So if they're in and on the big list, that obviously means they're ok. You guys are from the same state, you should learn to appreciate your comrades.

(10.) There will be sections devoted to different things and they must stay in those sections, I like organization. In rps, there will be two main sections of regular rps and dressing room rps. And their rules are much like this:
    FCFS Rps : (First-Come-First-Serve Rps. These will not allow the Dressing-Room standard that is used throughout the rest of the forum. These are more regular rps that do not allow doubles of a state. If a California happened to beat your California to a certain rp, I'm sorry, but tough luck. That's part of the remaining-active thing.)

    Dressing Room Rps : (Read rule 9. These rps will allow doubles of states, so if there is already a Iowa in the room, no fret, your Iowa is allowed too. Free-for-all.)
(11.) No Mary-Sues. Or the male version either, as well. Oh dear god no. We can and will spot you folks who attempt this card and we /WILL/ KILL IT WITH FIRE. The end.

(12.) No god-modding. Know the abilities and limits of your own character. No one is invincible and you need to have a good understanding of your environment and different factors. This section includes giving your character strength/abilities that they OBVIOUSLY do not have. You need to take into account GENDER. OCCUPATION. STRENGTH. HEIGHT. FITNESS. WEAPON. ACCOMPANYING PEOPLE. Pay attention to those factors when fighting and know your limits, for god's sake. Accompanying people merely means the people on your side, who is with you. If Ohio is by himself with a BUNCH of Southern states around him, obviously there is strength in numbers and Ohio would in this case lose. I pay very close attention to this rule so I will call you on it. Also letting your character know about what you know is a huge problem. You may know information your character does not yet know, who cares? Let your character find out ON THEIR OWN. For instance, if a character is conducting a spy mission and spying on your state, keeping this information CLOSED to anyone but themselves. NO YOUR CHARACTER DOES /NOT/ KNOW THAT THEY ARE BEING SPIED ON, THEY WILL HAVE TO PLAY IGNORANT OF IT AND CONTINUE ON AS IF THEY HAVE NO IDEA. God. I will rage at you if I catch this, which is why this rule is so big. You will receive a big warning, we do not allow this bull.

(13.) Pay attention to other rpers in your posts. Ok, for this rule...I've experienced this first hand. I've been around someone who I'm pretty 190% sure hates me myself even though I've done nothing to them and a lot of other people, a very stuck-up person who doesn't really pay attention to other rpers. Give them courtesy as you do yourself, I don't care. Ignore the people who play the characters, get over yourself. At least pay attention to their CHARACTERS when they rp with you. You will be warned if you gallantly ignore someone like a stuck-up ass. I was once rping and there was someone who only cared to rp with someone else in specific, no one else. We were doing a group rp and these two were only paying attention to each other. My character went up and screamed at their faces and yet my character was ignored. That irked me hard, just like the god modding. I can understand some things like if the character has a special REASON why you're ignoring someone, as long as you voice it. Otherwise, warned.

(14.) At least TRY to sound intelligent with your posts. I don't care if your character is or not, but when you're writing out their actions and descriptions, try to maintain good grammar and spelling. It's something called spell check and re-reading your post. Accents while your character is talking do not count, those are obvious errors made on mistake. However, outside of that you should maintain a decent respect for the English language and be able to communicate in it easily. For god's sake, this site offers you automatic spell check and everything. USE IT.

(15.) I want you guys to have fun but also keep this all clean, neat, organized, and set standards. Anyone can walk in here, show their ass, and give a half-assed profile and try to get in. I don't like that and I want to filter these directly out entirely. I want to make all of this fair for everyone and anyone who wants to ask questions or has a problem is welcome to address them to me or any of the other mods I have assigned.

(16.) ...?

(17.) Profit!

(18.) tl;dr? In that case, GTFO my Internets and this forum. We do not need you.


(Any questions? Please direct them to the 'Help!' post in this category. As always, thank you for reading this!)

-Admin (Arkansas/Ohio/etc)
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Rules And Regulations!
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