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Staring Out
Staring Out

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PostSubject: MMMMM TIME FER OHIO B)   MMMMM TIME FER OHIO B) EmptyFri Mar 04, 2011 5:13 am

(ALRIGHHHHHT. Finally, I have my OHIO UP IN HAR. eue...Lol yeah, so I'll get to posting up those application questions I've done now~)


1. Time for the first and obvious question! What's your name, age, state/territory, gender, credit card...(<D Loljoking)

Tha' name is LEO, short fah Leonard, an' my last name is Jones fer sho B)))))
I'm tha ONEH AN' ONLEH OHIO, fruckin' STUD, an'--Lolwaitcrehditcard?

2. What do you look like? Give us a written description.


NAH, NAH, FOR REAL, I'LL TELL YAH. I got ah orange turtl'neck, black spandex, brown UGGS!1!! wit littl' fluffeh balls B) AN' AN' ALSO brown glohves an' ah white jahcket biggah than my shmall size. It has behige fur on da collah an' cuffs.

AS FER MY DEVILISH GOOD LOOKS~...I got DIRTAH, lololol I said dirty eUe, blonde hair. It goes down ta mah neck/shoulders an' tha tips curl up, I liek it B))))). AN' YA SEE DAT FRUCKIN' HAIRCURL? YA SURE FRUCKIN' DO, IT'S DA BEST ONEH YOU'VE SEEN, FRUCKERS, IN THA SHAPE OF A GODAHMN 8, YO B). Othah than that I got BEAUTIFAUL HAZEL BROWN EYES an' NICE SMOOTH LIGHT SKIN DAT IS SO FAIRRRRR B))). I'm pretteh skinny though lulz, average height, probableh aboot 135 llbs...(Pretty light for a guy, usual weight for a guy is 150 or more, he's quite feminine.)

3. Alright, so what are some of your hobbies; what you like to do or have? (Give at least 5, it can be food or material things too, doesn't matter.)


4. What do you not like/hate? What gets you all riled up? (I.e, Arkansas hates foreigners, they scare him. Give at least 5. They can be food or whatever, doesn't matter.)

MICHIGAY. BC AH MAH GAH I HATE DAT FRUCKER. Um....BEIN' ON FIRE. BEIN' SHANKED ...ANAYTHIN' TOO LIFE THREATENIN'...Havin' ta be quiet? FRUCK DAT B) Oh yeah, an' dis oneh time I put syrup alllllll ovah my bodeh. I didn't like dat all too much B( OH. AN' I HATE BEIN' CALLED 'OHIOAN' FRUCK YOU. I'M /AMERICAN/ NOT OHIOAN. FRUCK. (Of all of the Ohioans I've met, they honestly HATE being called 'Ohioan'. It makes no sense but they FLIP over it lol.)

5. What are your relationships with bordering states? (Your attitude towards other states around you, not their attitude towards you, so this /can/ be answered by your character.)

Hm...FRUCK MICHIGAY. I HATE DAT FRUCKER BC. As fer da othahs...Eh, don reallah talk all dat much ta Indiana, I occasionally partah wit him or see him at da store...Kentucky don really talk dat much ta me, he even offered tah build a wall around Cinncinatti when Cinnci started bein' onery an' breakin' awayeh from me...He doesn't really want ANYTHIN' ta do wit me an' tries ta get away alot lulz. It's fun botherin' him. West Virginia is kinda cool, they cahn be mah homeslice. An' as fer Pennsylvania...He's ok but he cahn be ah bit of ah cockblock lulz B(

6. Which states/territories do you like the best, what's your relationship with them? (Give reasons of why, not just because you're BFFL'S IN RAEL LIFE!!1!!ONE! I don't take that shit.)

MMMMMM. I liek dat Minnesotan man B) He's pretteh manry an' hot. God dayum so fineeee. FINE MEN IN GENERAL IS WHAT I LIEK TA TAP B)))). Minne an' meh though have been through alot, bein' in tha same region, an' kinda rely on each othah...I mean...It's good ta have someone thar who cahn offah ya ah shoulder, eh? Um...New Yawk is prettah cool, I look up tah him like ah big bro. He's kinda ah ASS ta me though a lot, nevah picks up my calls, an' used ta bully me ah little when I was youngah...But when I pretended ta be on his side, find othah states ta pick on, he took his aim off of me...U-Uh ignore dat. WE'RE BFFLS YO. eue;;;


7. Since we're on the subject of relationships, how are you there? What are your romantic interests (Boys, girls, both, not interested, etc)?

MMMMMMMMMM. I like boys---Wait dat sounds wrong. NO, I LIEK MEN OK. B) I'm gay, I used ta like dis oneh person when I was littl' bu-...IGNORE DAT. ene;. U-Uh. Yeah gay B))))) U MAD?

8. Which states/territories do you /not/ like/hate. Give reasons.

MICHIGAY, IF DAT WASN'T ALREADEH OBVIOUS BC. An' dere is TONS of reasons I hate dat frucker. I think it's LULZY ta piss Michi off B)))))). Um...Toledo. Michi was bein' a HOE an' wouldn't let me haveh WHAT WAS RIGHTFULLY MINEEEEE. Hoe. BUT AMERICAH LIEKS ME BETTAH, HE SAID THAT MICHI HAD TA GIVE IT TO ME OR NOT BECOME A STATE, LULZ B))). We fight alot, though, mostly ovah sports nowadays an' old grudges. RIghtfully placed grudges B(

I also don like Illinois lulz. I just kinda ignore dat guy. eue (From what I have gathered on Ohioan relationships and such with other states, he literally just ignores him for no good reason lulz. Sorry.)

An' Commies, of course BC. (We all know the reason for this, the big Red Scare and everything about the Cold War. Ohio was much involved in this and scared of the Russians as well, very suspicious of them, etc, you know.)


9. If you had to pick a song (You can pick up to three songs) to describe yourself, which one?

HMMM....I'D SAY...Flo-Rida featuring T-Pain's 'LOW' fits me quite well B) I cahn really shake my ass ta dat song. OR 'NEVAH GONNA GIVE YOU UP' BY RICK ASTLEYYYYYY. MMMMMMM B)))))) AN' ALSO 'SEXTING' BY BLOOD ON THA DANCE FLOOOOOOR. MMM YES.

(He won't answer honestly, he jokes around too much. A few songs that would actually fit him, for real, would be "Do It Alone" by Sugarcult. Or "Gasoline" by Rob Thomas. Or "Shcism" or "Sober", both by Tool, fit him very well.)

10. What would you describe your personality as? What are you, the bad-boy? The romantic? The cool one? Smart? Strong? Bold? Mischievous? What?
(Go on to explain your character's personality fully in parenthesis please. You can explain as much as you want, it doesn't matter on the length or if it's too long or something.)


(His personality is a complicated one that has been slowly revealing itself to me. He puts on a false personality and 'front' to people. He plays the dumb blonde and idiot card well, he's actually a genius. But he's definitely borderline insane and tormented by his own self and complex thoughts. He's actually a mean, selfish person, who is out to get what he wants. He has a 'If I want it, I'll get it' complex, spoiled. America oversees this and has failed to address this problem with him since he was young. He often lets it go without stopping it, much like he did throughout the Civil War. At one point during the Civil War, the battle of Vicksburg was fought and over before Ohio came through with his men. Everything was solved and done, nothing left. Ohio decided to set fire to it anyways for his amusement. He's kind of sick and twisted. The type who pretends to be one way so that when he finally does attack you and stab you in the back, you won't see it coming. He hates tying himself to people, he believes it'll only hurt him. So he often believes 'attack them before they attack you'. He does not have an optimistic view on the world at all and often attacks others to climb 'the ladder of success'. He's extremely good to have on your side in battle, he can offer smarts and plans, intelligence. But, honestly, he's on no one's side but his own. By the time your state or territory has realized just how Ohio really is, he's already drawn out plans to kill or eliminate you. He's extremely careful and definitely has the communication and people ties to knock you down from your position faster than you could jab at him. He's not too strong. But he has wits to know exactly how to use his puppets to take you down. Without him, a major power player is lost. Without him, the Civil War could've turned out completely different altogether. It also comes into play that I made it where Ohio was actually in love with Michigan when he was little. Very much so. He did that silly 'they bully you because they like you' to Michigan a lot. With my Michigan, who is a girl in my first impression, she really just disliked him. When he actually came around to saying he liked her, Michigan thought it'd be fun to play with his feelings and completely destroy his world and deny him. I mean, literally, not an easy let down way, she aimed to make it hurt. It really did hurt him, enough to completely change him. He could've turned out much differently had she just accepted him or at least let him down easy. Now he believes everyone is out to get him and he's paranoid of getting too close to people so he doesn't get hurt again. So rather than try and get close, he developed a sense of 'stab them before they stab you', even though no one is out to get him. So yeah, that's the true story behind all of that. And, if the Michigan was a girl when she was little, it's a good reason he turned to men now. If it was a boy, fff. Well, let's pretend he liked boys from the start.)

11. Alright, you surely have some pros about yourself. Tell me 5 or more pros about yourself. (Great economy, nice people, etc. Just give me some benefits about your state in your character's point of view.)

HMMMMMM. WELL. (1.) I'M DAMN BEAUTIFUL, I GOT A LOTTA PARKS, FORESTS, AN' ALL DAT SHIIIIIIIT. Um... (2.) I rank 23 in da global Economic scale in comparison ta other countries even B))))). Hm.... (3.) We liek ta partah an' have fun, pretty open. It actualleh takes ALOT ta piss us off. An' dat's calling us uncool, Ohioans, or dissin' on our teams BC. (4.) We have da greatest Omish population in da U.S.! Not sure if dat's even good or bad or not thou, lulz. (5.) GLEE. Pringles. Mr Clean. Scope. SO MANEH THINGS. ALLLLLL MADE HERE B) YOU'RE WELCOME.

((1.) Pretty, taken care of and tended to. Parks, etc, you know that shit. Ohio is actually quite pretty, from the parts I've seen and explored, at least. Very culturally diverse and open. (2.) Trufax. 23 in a global scale, compared to other countries and everything, in economy. (3.) They aren't party poopers, that's for sure, they can sure party and have fun. (4.) Trufax, again. Greatest Omish Population in the U.S. (5.) The maker of ALOT of things you guys love now. I didn't even mention Jerry Springer. Yes, I know he was English born but it was BECAUSE he was caught with those girls in that movie theatre when being Governor was why he started up the show we all love to watch. YOU KNOW YOU WATCH IT DON'T LIE. Also Drew Carey.)

12. Alright, I'm pretty sure you can guess what's coming up next. Give me 5 or more cons about yourself. (Bad traffic, polluted, isolated, etc., remember, in your character's point of view.)

B( Hm....I GUESS I DO SMOKE ALOT...It ain't dat bad...*HACKCOUGHCOUCHHACK*...Ok it is BC. (1.) I'm prettah polluted in small, clustered parts. Like da Cuyga? Dat river? It was so polluted it caught on fire by itself BC. Hm... (2.) I guess we cahn get a littl' annoyin'. Tha people speak their minds, ok? (3.) Botherin' people is pretteh funneh, unless, yanno, I'm tha oneh they're botherin' BCCCC. (4.) I'm everywhere B) You cahn't miss me eUe. (5.) DRIVIN' IS COOL.

((1.) Polluted in small, clustered areas. Not really pretty. Take Cleveland, for instance. And yes, that river thing really did happen. (2.) Just as it says. Bold and honest people. It could hurt people who aren't used to it. If you're a fuck-up, they'll tell you to your face, you fuck-up. (3.) They can certainly dish out the torment but they can't take it themselves. It's funny when they're making fun of others, but the MOMENT you make fun of them, they get pissy and butthurt. It's lulzy yo. They're hypocrites cause of it. (4.) He's everywhere. No. Really. He's so nosy and constantly tries to get into everything everyone does. Somehow, Ohio is involved in the Alamo, for instance. GOD KNOWS HOW. Or like how another time I was looking for Arkansan/Mississippian history in the Civil War and there were over 9000 articles on Ohio WTF. Seriously, if he can find a way, he'll worm into your history and texts. If you just look, he's probably involved some way or another. (5.) ...Ok, their driving is bad. At least, for other people not used to it. They have their own chaotic system of navigation and driving which a COUNTRY BUMPKIN LIKE MEH isn't used to I guess lol. It terrorfies me to be in a car with an Ohioan slkfjdsklfjsd. I thought I was going to die. They drive like a CENTIMETER away from each other ON THE HIGHWAY OH GOD. They like driving fast and close. And tend to have extreme road rage. I wouldn't doubt it if Ohio got arrested for driving on the sidewalk and shit. ene;. Don't get me wrong though, they're lulzy <3.)

13. Favorite color(s)? (Up to three, if you want)

ISN'T IT OBVIOUSSSS? ORANGE B)))). Othah colors I kind of liek would be...Um...Firery colors eUe Reds, oranges, yellow...I liek fire B)

(Ok, it's obvious he likes fire and orange lol. Fire is his main weapon of choice~<3...Unfortunately he's clumsy and also extremely fire prone. He's OFTEN smoking and OFTEN drops his cigarette and catches himself on fire. eue;.)

14. Hey, we haven't even asked you about your parents yet. So, who bore this ungodly offspring? (Parents is a loose term. This can apply to major migration. For instance, if you have a lot of /German/ Immigrants, Germany helped in the parenthood then. It's basically: What is your ancestry? Obviously this spot will have more than TWO parents. And America should be an ADOPTIVE father for most of you, the only states who are truly his children should be the original 13 colonies.)

I AM NOT UNGO-Yeah ok I am B). YOU CAHN'T RESISTTTTT eUe. Um...Yeah, I came, LOLCAME, from an ORGY of places mmmmm B))))). My parents would probableh be...Canadah, France, Germanehhhh...Those are da majors. I had a tiny squirt of Polish in meh too B). I was given ta England fer awhile den bought by Americah. An he's been tellin' me ta 'Stop that' an ta 'Get out of my room!' ever since B) He's a nice papa~

15. Oh! And you have history for before you became a state, when you were wandering around as a little baby territory on your own (Probably with Indians lol), so tell us about your PRE-STATEHOOD.

MMMMM. BACK WHEN I WAS A WEE LADDDDDEH. Hm. I was ah hyper litta fucker bein' raised by Canadah an France B). I used ta be occupied by Indians but dey kept disappearing like WOAH fer no reason. New York attacked what was left of 'em randomly an after the Beaver Wars I was taken ovah by the Iroquois bastards dat started ta wipe me out off da face of MY OWN TERRITORY BC. BUT I CAME BACK, STRONGA DAN BEFORE B). I took dat shit back, laid da smackdown on them, an MANAGED MY OWN SHIIIIT. I then got inta dat fur trade crap. A litta aftah dat the MAHN killed all of my Indians again BC. Den around tha Sevahn Year's War France handed me offta England. Den Americah BEAT SUM ASS an got me from that faggot B) (In the revolutionary war.)

16. Finally! You became a state! When did you become a state? And what happened? Did you have a specific need to fulfill to become a state (For instance, Ohio had to raise his population to become a state, etc) and is there anything interesting that has happened about your statehood? (For instance, Ohio wasn't actually a state and was forgotten until 1953 when they realized this error and revised it to 'pretend' he got into the union in 1803. Trufax.)

Americah said I could become ah state if I populated more SO I GOT ON DAT B)))). But they don goof'd an forgot me BC. Dey nevah admitted me as a FRUCKIN' state an DIDN'T NOTICE till August 7th, 1953. So dey put my birthday on March 1st, 1803 aftah thinkin' aboot it B).

17. Time for a question you OBVIOUSLY wasn't expecting. Tell us your history AFTER you became a state until modern times? (Remember, in your own words.)

Well, den da man cahme in again an killed my Indians off BC. HATERS GONNA HATE. OH AN I FRUCKIN' SKIPPED OVAH MYSELF. Toledo. B) I won it. U MAD MICHIGAY? Toledo was MINE. I think it's LULZY dat she had ta give it up or not get inta da Union B))))). Hoe. AN MOFO I WAS DA MASTER OF DA CIVIL WAR. I PRODUCED 3 MAJOR CIVIL WAR GENERALS INCLUDING ULYSSES S. GRANT, WILLIAM SHERMAN, AN PHILIP SHERIDAN. Not ta mention I was a main transport artery for ya B). LOL U MAD GEORGIA? An some mofo decided we needed ta check aw laws every 20 years so we ask everah 20 years an put it off B))))). We also 'ave had 8 presidents HAIL from MOI B). That bitch Virginia also had eight, so we're sotta tied BCCC.

18. Got any bad habits? (Example, Ohio tends to drop things a lot. This is because he has quite a number of earthquakes in his region and it causes him to be clumbsy. Or how he smokes = pollution. Describe the habits and give a reason for them being there.)

QUIT USIN' ME AS A EXAMP-...Just jokin' B) Anywayehs... YEAH. I AM CLUMSY AN' DROP THANGS A LOT BC. Kinda SUCKS when tha thing you drop alot is yer damn cigarette BC I START SO MANYEH FIRES DAT WAY. Ahhhhh. Very fire-prone yo, in case ya hadn't noticed BC. I smoke a lot *HACKHACKCOUGHWEEZE* an' it bothahs people, especialleh in small spaces BC. I drink alot too, CAUSE I CAHN. Um...I liek sleepin' aroond, thou I don consida dat bad if ya know what I mean B)))))). I LIEK TA BE LOUD TOO. AN' DON'T DISS ME, YOU HOES. HATERS GONNA HATE BC.

(Ok, breaking it down. Obviously some of the examples already explained two things that I mentioned. He is pretty polluted in some areas so he starts fires. And if you know any Ohioan history during the Civil War, you know far too WELL about his fondness of fire and that being his main tool. But sometimes he derps and accidentally catches himself on fire. As they say, those who play with fire get burnt. This is all too true for Leo. He drinks ALOT. Ohioans seem to use it as a past-time, it seems <D. WIN THE GAME. DRINK. LOSE THE GAME. DRINK. GO TO THE STORE. DRINK. PARTY. DRINK. SIT AROUND DOING NOTHING. DRINK. Lulz. He's fond of strip-clubs and etc. Trust me. He may have the most Omish but there are definitely a lot of buzzing cities to make up for it. He's loud, he's proud, and he's trollin' yo. As I answered in a previous question, he isn't afraid to voice his opinion and can be hateful. He'll definitely let you know he's there, he likes attention and being spoiled. And also as I previously mentioned before, Ohioans can dish out the heat but they certainly cannot take it. At all.)

19. Tell us anything about yourself you'd care to share? (Anything I haven't mentioned or brought up that you'd like to tell us about?)


(They look as if a 2-year old has drawn them <D He's so proud it's lulzy.)

20. Show us how you'd interact. Give us a sample, about a paragraph long or more, if you wish. (Give us an rp sample. This can be about anything, just include your character since this is YOUR application. Type it up as if you were rping with us in a random post. It can be about anything, a day in the life of your character, something they love doing [Hobby or something?], recalling on a past event, etc. Be as dramatic, serious, funny, etc as you want to be. And keep in mind, write it as if you were reading your post in a book, third person. Spelling and grammar counts, the only exception to this is your character's accent when they talk.

Here's a sample of the style we're looking for:

It was such a nice day. Connecticut loved going down to the dock on these days, talking with a few of the locals, hoping onto a boat, and just setting sail. The water was calm, the breeze felt good, and he couldn't hardly ask for a better day. "I'm sure you've steered before, right? Ya wanna take the wheel while I go set up some nets?" A local who had allowed him onto his boat came around the corner, talking to him and raising his hat with a smile. Abiel (Connecticut) nodded, "Sure thing, I'll take the wheel." He put, moving to shuffle past the captain so he could make his way to the Wheel house and take control. He hadn't been behind the wheel in such a long time, he looked forward to taking it into his hands again. It had been much too long.

There is a good example. Use as much detail as you'd like, the more the better.)

Leo pouted as he pulled his phone down from his ear, looking at the screen again as the time of 0:10 had flashed on the screen. He had just tried calling New York and the fucker hung up on him while it rang for TEN SECONDS, not even having the DECENCY to let it go to voice mail. He just wanted to hang out with him, though, whatever, he obviously was too cool for him or busy. He loved New York like a big bro; he was so cool. But then again, he didn't need him! Yeah! He put his phone into his pocket and had a big stupid grin pull at his face as he ran into the kitchen to work on making something for the holidays. A gingerbread house sounded good! He loved making things, if only he could learn to not catch them on fire. He lit up a cigarette and tossed the packet and lighter aside, letting the stick hang in his mouth as he puffed on it and got to work on stirring all of the ingredients together. HE WAS GOING TO BUILD THE BEST GINGERBREAD HOUSE EV-...Fuck. In his ranting enjoyment he dropped the cigarette into his apron and it started catching fire in a pocket, him having to stop, pull away from what he as doing, AND TRY TO PUT IT THE FUCK OUT. ((He has many small earthquakes, which are not that noticeable but obviously present, there are so many. It causes him to drop things a lot, mainly his cigarettes.)) Once he got that over and done with he realized he had spilled the ingredients a bit and bitched as he started to clean them up. OH THE HOLIDAYS. Fuck him.

(A/N: Ah, yes, some of this information, like the history bits and the rp post I have used on another forum but it's not like I honestly didn't use my own words, since those were originally put up by me in my own words to begin with so yes, it still works, and I decided to use them. It's pretty much self explanatory about nearly everything about him from the way he works down to his looks. eUe I love playing him though~ I honestly do not live in him though, I am full-blown Arkansan, born and raised. I've traveled the states in a massive RV trip one year with my family and have seen most of the states aside from the North-Eastern, Hawaii, and Alaska. I haven't been outside of the U.S. but I have done more than enough of my fair share in foreign history. I actually am aiming to move to Ohio one day to be with the one I love most and I really love the state and just the character I have developed in general. I often like using him to make a room lively and amusing, he's a very comedic character, though, I can definitely play him serious because he has a much darker side. I'm going to obviously hold multiple characters on this site but not until I do plenty and research and notes on them before adding them on. Like, for instance, I'm still going to need to research an Arizona and Massachusetts I've been working on. Other than that, though, to be fair I'm doing these just as you guys would do them with my own characters, and to fully explain them. These applications are more used as a way to study your character, to let people know more about them, to let people know just how fluent you are in your research and study on them, testing you. These applications are more of a way to build you up rather than a boring old test you submit just to get by. So put some effort into these, like I did, and I can tell you honestly that you have nothing to lose by trying hard and putting effort into your own state.)
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Staring Out
Staring Out

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PostSubject: Re: MMMMM TIME FER OHIO B)   MMMMM TIME FER OHIO B) EmptyFri Mar 04, 2011 5:16 am

(slfdkjdlfsd. Oh dear lord his accent is tough. It's pretty hard to do and switch between different accents but I'm more than willing to do it for this site, man eue. I loooove my characters <3)

(Oh, and this is the person who also plays Arkansas. So I obviously don't have to have the approval of 3 mods if I'm the site administrator. So there.)
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