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 Same Old Same Old - Rules

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PostSubject: Same Old Same Old - Rules   Sat Mar 05, 2011 12:00 am

Alright, so you guys, you know all the rules and all by now so I shouldn't have to repeat myself. That's mainly focused on when you're IN character though. However, a few things do apply here now that you should remember.

1. Don't be a faggot.
2. No flamewars or retarded shit.
3. Respect other users
4. Don't start a topic that's already there (I.e: Fish. Search for one relating to what you're talking about before you post.)
5. If your post or talking is going to involve anything bad like gore, sexual shit, or anything, please give a warning in your topic title.

And most of all, this section really is open to ANYTHING you want to talk about. Whether you're talking about differences in states, what's going on in personal life, what vacation you just took (Pictures are nice too, that can go in photography eue), THAT YOU LIKE PIE, you're thinking about developing your character more, you're wanting to ask about a certain video game...Hell, it doesn't matter, go for it! Anything. Have fun you guys eue <3
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Same Old Same Old - Rules
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