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 Site Challenge: Ranking Icons!

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Site Challenge: Ranking Icons! Empty
PostSubject: Site Challenge: Ranking Icons!   Site Challenge: Ranking Icons! EmptySat Mar 05, 2011 2:09 am

Alright! So you've heard about my update on ranks and ranking, huh? If not, go visit: http://usdrf.forumotion.com/t23-site-management-help-or-information#30

Either way, you're obviously curious or interested in the ranking icons to have wandered here! Great. The icons we have right now are kinda retarded, obviously. Are you experienced in icons or just wanting to play around with this? What would you like to see instead or how could you improve our ranking icons? This site allows us to modify pretty much everything we want so I'm inviting you to help us improve our ranking icons!

We'll need 7 icons, perhaps an 8th if people act out and spam in order to achieve a higher ranking. The seven to eight icons we'll need?

  • Administrator - 7 Icons, all filled
  • Moderator - 7 Icons, only 6 filled
  • Contributor - 7 Icons, only 5 filled
  • Super Member - 7 Icons, only 4 filled
  • Great Member - 7 Icons, only 3 filled
  • Member - 7 Icons, only 2 filled
  • Starting Out - 7 Icons, only 1 filled
  • Nothing Yet - 7 Icons, none filled
The optional icon will be the 'Spammer' Icon that will have 7 icons, only 2 filled, like a member's.

If you need any ideas or examples of these icons, just look to the left, what our rankings are now. Once you make the filled icon and the not filled icon, it should be a breeze to make all of them. I'd like to see what you guys come up with. I would like simple things, like stars, to be for the positions or something. But I'm more than open to see what ideas you guys come up with, hm? Also, under the actual icons, I'd actually like to see labels for the icons included in the little pictures you submit to me on the icons included in the picture. Like if you had the 'Great Member' status you'd have 7 icons, only 3 of them lit up or filled, and then the actual name of what your ranking is right underneath the icons, included in the picture of icons. Oh, and I just realized that the whole name under the icons aren't really needed, seeing as how I've been browsing and noticed the name being displayed as to what your rank is RIGHT under your user name when you post, plus the fact that when you scroll your mouse over the actual ranking icon it displays the name in a pop up as to what it is. So never mind about this feature, just the icons are fine!

If you'd like an idea of size measurements for the icons or anything, simply post here and let me know you're interested and I can see about getting those measurements for you to play around in. I'd like to see your guys' ideas! Go for it and thanks for your interest and help to try to improve the site!
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Site Challenge: Ranking Icons!
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