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 Same Old Same Old - Rules

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Same Old Same Old - Rules Empty
PostSubject: Same Old Same Old - Rules   Same Old Same Old - Rules EmptySat Mar 05, 2011 8:22 am

Alright! You guys pretty much get all of the rules by now, don't cha? If you don't, you're pretty sad.

  1. Pictures allowed in this section are pictures of your state, which will be sorted accordingly in the right folder. Or...
  2. Other pictures allowed are pictures of you in a select OC's outfit or whatever, you know, cosplay! Be sure to sort right.
  3. Also, any pictures that so happen to contain nudity, heavy cussing*, or other vulgar things, please warn them and link them only!
  4. No faggotry. Please don't start up shit. If you don't like something (Like yaoi or something) then don't go looking for what you don't like!
  5. Any pictures that do not belong here or that we have a problem with will be removed and you will be notified as to why.
Ahhh, that's really all I can think of for these rules...Oh, and the * for the cussing is I know that pictures can't contain words, but I know there are some people who like to write or something on their pictures, you know, edit in comments later. If it's heavy language, warn it and mark it as so, just as you do with any other pictures that are vulgar, have nudity, or anything like that.

Other than that, you guys feel free to post away! I'd love to see your state or your cosplays, show them off here in this section!
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Same Old Same Old - Rules
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