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 Washington (Someday/Eventually/By and By) WIP.

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Washington (Someday/Eventually/By and By) WIP. Empty
PostSubject: Washington (Someday/Eventually/By and By) WIP.   Washington (Someday/Eventually/By and By) WIP. EmptySun Mar 06, 2011 4:58 pm

1. Time for the first and obvious question! What's your name, age, state/territory, gender, credit card)

Seyun, I look 20 but I'm really 122 years old state-wise. I
represent the state of Washington and I'm male. You can spell it
S-e-y-u-n or S-e-y-o-o-n, I don't care as long as you can pronounce it

2. What do you look like? Give us a written description.

curly dark brown hair with a curl and two cowlicks in the back, lightly
tanned skin, dark green eyes with long eyelashes, people tell me I look
like I'm going to kill someone or bored.

3. Alright, so
what are some of your hobbies; what you like to do or have? (Give at
least 5, it can be food or material things too, doesn't matter.)

1. Video games and techie things
2. Camping and outdoors stuff
3. Writing letters of complaint
4. Playing with my Rubik's cube
5. Drinking coffee and reading the newspaper

What do you not like/hate? What gets you all riled up? (I.e,Arkansas
hates foreigners, they scare him. Give at least 5. They can be food or
whatever, doesn't matter.)

1. I dislike
people who complain about my place because it's too cold/boring/not cool
enough. Fuck off if you don't like it, fuckers.

2. I don't like beet juice. It's nasty as hell.

3. Slow drivers on the left side of I-5. MOVE OVER, BITCHES.

4. Watered down coffee.

5. Fuckers who think they know shit but they don't.

What are your relationships with bordering states? (Your attitude
towards other states around you, not their attitude towards you, so this
/can/be answered by your character.)

British Columbia: I love you in a totally platonic way.

Oregon: Stresses me out more than you know, and as you know I can't live
with him, but I can't live without him. Shut up.

Idaho: Cute younger sibling, constantly needs protection and scrutiny under my eye.

Alaska: My stalker/protege.

Hawaii: Weird kid..I like him.

Which states/territories do you like the best, what's your relationship
with them? (Give reasons of why, not just because you're BFFL'S IN RAEL
LIFE!!1!!ONE! I don't take that shit.)

7. Since we're on the
subject of relationships, how are you there?What are your romantic
interests (Boys, girls, both, not interested, etc)?

8. Which states/territories do you /not/ like/hate. Give reasons.

9. If you had to pick a song (You can pick up to three songs) to describe yourself, which one?

What would you describe your personality as? What are you, the bad-boy?
The romantic? The cool one? Smart? Strong? Bold? Mischievous? What? (Go
on to explain your character's personality fully in parenthesis please.
You can explain as much as you want, it doesn't matter on the length or
if it's too long or something.)

That cool nerdy cynical kid who sits behind you in class reading and questions the teacher's idiocy.

11. Alright, you surely have
some pros about yourself. Tell me 5 or more pros about yourself. (Great
economy, nice people, etc. Just give me some benefits about your state
in your character's point of view.)

1. I'm a hub for technology and medical sciences.
2. I live right across the Pacific pond from Japan and some other countries so I have great trading with them.
3. It's a nice place to live if you like mountains and rain, or over the Cascades, warmth and desert.
4. Friendly people, just excuse the transfers.
5. The corner left pocket of the United States if you care about being away from the capital.

Alright, I'm pretty sure you can guess what's coming up next.Give me 5
or more cons about yourself. (Bad traffic, polluted, isolated,etc.,
remember, in your character's point of view.)

1. I clearly dislike being mistaken as D.C.
2. Tendency to be anti-social at times
3. Known to be a smart ass and flip the bird at people
4. I hate the feeling of being abandoned and thus ending up not trusting too much
5. I can be very violent when pushed to the limit

13. Favorite color(s)? (Up to three, if you want)

Any shade of green, warm browns, blues and blacks.

Hey, we haven't even asked you about your parents yet. So, who bore
this ungodly offspring? (Parents is a loose term. This can apply to
major migration. For instance, if you have a lot of /German/ immigrants,
Germany helped in the parenthood then. It's basically: What is your
ancestry?Obviously this spot will have more than TWO parents. And
America should bean ADOPTIVE father for most of you, the only states who
are truly his children should be the original 13 colonies.)

England "discovered" me and the other pacific northwest territories, and took us under his wing for a time until America threatened war if he didn't give us up. I suppose I had a few nations help me mature into the state I am today..like Russia...and Spain...maybe a few others like Norway and Sweden...definitely China and Japan since we live across the Pacific...

15. Oh! And you have history for before you
became a state, when you were wandering around as a little baby
territory on your own (Probably with Indians lol), so tell us about your

I lived with my natives for a very long time and was very happy...then these strange people came around and started claiming me for their own. They said they were nations from far away lands and that they were very nice, 'cept I didn't believe them so I ran away to hide for a while. Since then we've been left alone for a while after being adopted by America, until the natives killed some settlers. Mainly because these settlers were invading and they didn't like them. The government apparently saw something needed to be done and finally focused attention on us.

16. Finally! You became a state! When did you
become a state? And what happened? Did you have a specific need to
fulfill to become a state (For instance, Ohio had to raise his
population to become a state, etc) and is there anything interesting
that has happened about your statehood? (For instance, Ohio
wasn't actually a state and was forgotten until 1953 when they realized
this error and revised it to 'pretend' he got into the union in 1803.

Well, the story is that Idaho and I were supposed to be the next states after Oregon...unfortunately that never happened.....

When I was still living with Oregon, I didn't mind...it fun and stuff, and we were friends and everything with British Columbia. But as time passed, I realized I wasn't getting enough voice on what I wanted and felt like I couldn't do anything on my own. See, Oregon had this crazy idea of becoming a nation, but he was being convinced that joining the US was more "beneficial to his interests." A few times he refused being a state, and I agreed with him. But eventually living with Oregon became a bit of hellish. At a few points in time, I brought the idea of me becoming a state after he did, which meant I could be independent too.

ut he disliked the thought of me and became very clingy and angry. I suppose he fears losing me, but the longer he clung on...the better I was off being on my own. So for 5 years I bitterly fought with the bastard and finally snapped...and a week before he became a state, I left and took Idaho with me. We became territories, and he begged us to come back. He finally gave up and became a state. In retaliation for this "betrayal", he did anything he could to prevent us from becoming states (like stealing the population). And he succeeded, and 30 years later I finally became a state. I never really forgave him for that, and overshadowed him eventually. I'm pretty sure he regrets his actions.

17. Time for a question you OBVIOUSLY wasn't expecting.
Tell us your history AFTER you became a state until modern times?
(Remember, in your own words.)

I eventually became highly successful in business and entrepreneurial hobbies...I experimented with communism, got chewed out for it, started a new music genre, took up technology, etc. I became a celebrity and haven't looked back since. Sure I have a few failures in life every now and then but who doesn't?

18. Got any bad habits? (Example,
Ohio tends to drop things a lot. This is because he has quite a number
of earthquakes in his region and it causes him to be clumsy. Or how he
smokes = pollution. Describe the habits and give a reason for them being

19. Tell us anything about yourself you'd care to share?
(Anything I haven't mentioned or brought up that you'd like to tell us

20. Show us how you'd interact. Give us a sample, about a paragraph long or more, if you wish. (Give us an rp sample.)

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Washington (Someday/Eventually/By and By) WIP. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Washington (Someday/Eventually/By and By) WIP.   Washington (Someday/Eventually/By and By) WIP. EmptyTue Mar 08, 2011 7:59 am

( Hello there, neighbour. :3 )
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Washington (Someday/Eventually/By and By) WIP. Empty
PostSubject: oops lol   Washington (Someday/Eventually/By and By) WIP. EmptyWed Mar 30, 2011 6:28 pm

Oregon wrote:
( Hello there, neighbour. :3 )

(sorry my bad XD Hai there *wave wave*)
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Washington (Someday/Eventually/By and By) WIP. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Washington (Someday/Eventually/By and By) WIP.   Washington (Someday/Eventually/By and By) WIP. EmptyMon Sep 05, 2011 1:58 pm

(Oooooh, I'm liking what you've added on so far. It's intriguing and I like how you've developed Washington's relations with his neighbors. You make translating history into personified terms look like a breeze, lol. I especially liked your section discussing how Oregon didn't want to become a state, stopped you, and so on. That was incredibly fascinating. I don't know too much about the west at all so this is giving me a nice, open window to take a peek into until I get around to it myself. But great job so far, I hope you continue~)
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Washington (Someday/Eventually/By and By) WIP. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Washington (Someday/Eventually/By and By) WIP.   Washington (Someday/Eventually/By and By) WIP. Empty

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Washington (Someday/Eventually/By and By) WIP.
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