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 Layin' Down The Law Of The Land

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PostSubject: Layin' Down The Law Of The Land   Sun Mar 06, 2011 11:30 pm

ALRIGHT. Time for the major basic laws for this section.

These are 'FCFS Group Rps'. If you want to know if you should post here or not...

  • If you have an rp between you and one other person, majorly based /off/ of this site (Like on a messenger or online chat or something...) then move that rp to 'Two-On-Two Rps' and read those rules. (These allow registered/registered AND registered/non-registered* to play in.)
  • If you have an rp idea that would allow more than one version of a state, move it to the 'DR Group Rps' section. (Example, two Rhode Islands can play.) Also, note, that all rpers in this section must be registered, no non-registered* allowed.
*Non-Registered: In order to be registered here, you must register with a certain state and apply through the states application (20 questions) AND pass in, making it on 'the list' seen here. If you haven't got an account, answered the application (Passing it), AND on the list, you're not registered with us.


  1. These are 'FCFS Group Rps' which means 'First-Come-First-Serve'. Dressing Room rps are not allowed here. If a West Virgina happens to make it into the group before you do, it's unfortunately tough luck on your part. It all comes into play about being active and keeping up to date if you want to make it into these rps first.
  2. These are group rps too, welcome to anyone registered in the forum only, however. If you're not registered, you're not allowed. In order to see the definition of a non-registered, look above in the dark red text.
  3. Follow the general rules of the overall site as posted in the Newcomers section. We expect you to abide by them, no faggotry, make sure you're knowledgeable about your character, be open to both serious and crack (Not just one), no mary-sues, no godmodding, pay attention to other rpers in your posts (Respect others), no half-assing, and ask if you have questions.
  4. Most of the rps in this section are pretty much expected to be more serious or 'big' since only one version of a state is allowed. That doesn't mean you can't have comical rps, I'm just telling you what is probably more to be expected here.
  5. You don't HAVE to force your character's accent as much if you don't want to, you can relax. It'd look better if you kept up with your character's accent, however, it's not FORCED that you do. But, seeing as how most of the rps in this section might be more serious, it would probably be recommended for you to try and keep your accent or at least some of it. Just so that it looks better.
  6. I mainly want to see this kept clean, organized, and nice. So help to keep it this way. I and the mods I shall assign will help keep it tidy.
  7. If your rp is going to be a rp with themes like gore, heavy cussing, or sexual themes (Etc) then you need to warn it accordingly in the intro post. If your post HAPPENS to turn into one of these themes or any other themes at any one point, go back and edit your original intro post to add this warning.
For an an example of an intro post I thought I'd write up the lines below. Before you actually post any of the start of the rp, details, or anything, you need to put an INTRO POST. In the title of the topic, put the name of the rp (Whatever you want, try to relate it to the rp. Example, if it's a Great Depression Rp, just put that in the name along with the rating, expected genres (Drama for the Great Depression, probably.) and the term 'OPEN' along with it, to show that the rp is still open and going. In the actual intro post I'd like for you guys to repeat the name in the title, genre, rating, etc. Next, explain what's going on in a description. After wards, give a little info, if you want. If you're having any special edits, where it's based, etc. Just play around with that however you like. And then, after wards, give a list of 'characters' involved. Every time someone else joins that rp, edit your intro post and put their state and state's human name in parenthesis. This is to keep a good, organized list of who is playing, what they're playing, etc. Be sure to keep this updated. If you want to start that rp, you better keep up with it, fair enough?

To see a good intro post for FCFS Group Rps, please visit: http://usdrf.forumotion.com/t34-fcfs-intro-example

Quote :
///Warning: All rps that are inactive for about a month will be sent out reminders and questions as to why it has been inactive with no posting for an entire month yet still has the status 'open'. If no answer is received, there is lost interest, or etc, then the rp will be forced to 'close', people will be notified, and no more posting will be allowed on it; I or a mod will place it in lock (If no answer, we wait 1 more month before locking it. If we receive a direct answer that no one is interested, we will lock it immediately). We shall open a 'Unlock' sticky in the Request forum and if someone becomes interested and there's enough renewed interest in it altogether...Then we shall unlock it. I will state further notes and information in that sticky should you be interested. This is just a warning, since I do not like inactive rps that aren't going anywhere but still up.///
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Layin' Down The Law Of The Land
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