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 FCFS Intro Example

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PostSubject: FCFS Intro Example   Mon Mar 07, 2011 12:51 am

Example Intro Post:

(Post 1 of 2)
Title Of Topic: Great Depression (Drama, PG-13) /OPEN/
Great Depression
(Drama, PG-13)

Description: This rp will be based on or around the Great Depression which was a severe worldwide depression in the economy before the second World War. It started around 1929 and lasted until the late 1930s to early 1940s. It was the longest and most widespread depression of the 20th century. The depression originated in the United States and spread to the other nations. The worldwide stock market crash on October 29th, 1929 (Black Tuesday) seemed to just kick-start it into a spiraling downfall that was hard to get up from. Crop prices fell at about 60%, unemployment rose to 25% in the US and in some countries as high as 33%. Cities all around the world were hit hard, especially those who relied on Heavy Industry. With no demand and few jobs now available, jobs such as cash cropping, mining, and logging suffered the most. Some countries recovered by the 30s. In other countries the effects were long felt after the second world war and beyond.

States/Territories Involved: New York (Insertnamehere)...


(And that would be the example intro. If you had more details to add, such as a specific location it's starting at (Like the Jones' Mansion {I often pretend the states all have a Mansion they each have a single room to themselves that they've customized. Like for giant family gatherings or something...Idk just adding some ideas.} or something.), certain time of day, certain things (Like, if environment has played a role in it, like a tornado has come through or something...), etc. Just adding ideas. The following below would be an example of a first post after you gave your intro, these need to be posted separately but in the same topic. You do NOT have to use specified colors or keep to them. That's up to you. Not required, same with accents. We'd LIKE for you to keep up with your accents but we aren't being strict on it.)

(Post 2 of 2)

Poster: New York (Insertnamehere)

Obviously, the depression has come to the states. Seeing the dropping stock values, the states' people began to panic and, all at once, tried to withdraw money or suddenly pull from everything once they realized things were going sour. It was either make a run for your money or lose it. Things went out of control as New York saw the numbers drop as well as his heart. He had been fearing this and was horrified that he saw those numbers and screams across the stockroom being screamed out in reaction. Their phones around the building rang. People were hectic. Oh god it was horrible.

He pushed past anyone who came up to him, grabbing, crying, begging for answers. His own panic was revealing itself and he was hardly able to keep himself composed and try to settle anyone down. How could anyone settle down at seeing the world come down? He couldn't help them. No, no matter how much he wanted to. Everything just fucking CRASHED. There was no saving this. It'd take a complete...No. He didn't think a miracle could reverse this disaster. It would only get worse and...He could stay. He pushed the people off of him roughly and ran through the crowd, heart beating in his ears and throat. He managed to grab an empty phone, dialing with shaky fingers.

"A-Alfred." He stumbled once he heard a voice on the other end of the line. "It..."

"It happened. Everything...Fell."


And that would be the post. Or, well, whatever the select person would put. I honestly don't have any idea about New York, I haven't researched that state yet at all, however I do know where Wall Street is and that's enough. Following this post would be other people joining in if they find interest in it, probably with the reaction to their states hearing the news, or perhaps, not even aware of it until it hits. There's all kinds of possibilities to think of and play off of. Oh, and as each person joins the rp, you'll need to update the original intro post (Post 1 of 2) to include the state and the human name of the state in parenthesis following it. Example: Wyoming (Insertnamehere), Idaho (Insetrnamehere)...

Well, you guys are free to use this idea if you really like it and start posting with it, I don't mind, I was just using a random idea. I imagined most of these FCFS Group Rps were bound to be more serious (It doesn't necessarily HAVE to be serious or whatnot, I'm just saying since its a 'only-one-state-fills-this-slot' position rather than Dressing Room supportive...So yeah.) so they would have more detail or story. But in working with your original intro post you're free to be as DESCRIPTIVE or simple as you'd like. Explain the event or description nicely. Info, if needed, and characters included. Of course in the layout I suggested above. If you guys ignore this I or a mod will come in and change it for you to be in this format because it's easier, and that's the end of that.

But this is just the FCFS Intro Example. Please also be sure to read the rules here.

Quote :
///Warning: All rps that are inactive for about a month will be sent out reminders and questions as to why it has been inactive with no posting for an entire month yet still has the status 'open'. If no answer is received, there is lost interest, or etc, then the rp will be forced to 'close', people will be notified, and no more posting will be allowed on it; I or a mod will place it in lock (If no answer, we wait 1 more month before locking it. If we receive a direct answer that no one is interested, we will lock it immediately). We shall open a 'Unlock' sticky in the Request forum and if someone becomes interested and there's enough renewed interest in it altogether...Then we shall unlock it. I will state further notes and information in that sticky should you be interested. This is just a warning, since I do not like inactive rps that aren't going anywhere but still up.///
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FCFS Intro Example
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