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 Idle Rps (And Requests To Activiate Locked Ones Again)

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Idle Rps (And Requests To Activiate Locked Ones Again) Empty
PostSubject: Idle Rps (And Requests To Activiate Locked Ones Again)   Idle Rps (And Requests To Activiate Locked Ones Again) EmptyMon Mar 07, 2011 8:26 pm

Got This Message?
Quote :
///Warning: This role play or a user in this role play has become inactive. We give this warning out when there has been no activity on a certain rp for exactly one month. The states/territories participating in this rp have or will be notified of this. If no one is interested anymore, please edit your intro post to say '/CLOSED/' in red text in both the title and body message. If you're still interested in it, please post something or visit this help section to resolve the issue. If this issue is not resolved, you have anywhere between a month or less to restore this rp. If it is not by then, it will be forced by a admin or a mod into '/CLOSED/' and LOCKED so that it will be dropped. The admin or mod who has posted this message will give you a date following this message that there needs to be activity seen on this rp before it is closed or locked. Thank you.///

What is an inactive rp?

An inactive rp is one that has not had any activity (Posts) or anything on it for a large given amount of time but still have the status '/OPEN/' on. I have set this time limit to 1 month from the date of the last post until it is considered to receive this warning. I or a mod will be keeping track of rps and their activity. Once we see that they have not had attention for ONE MONTH after the last post, yet still keeping their status of 'open', then we shall paste this warning quote onto the rp as well as send out reminders.

What will happen?

Well, we will wait for an answer. We will send those active in the rp a question asking if they're still interested or who's turn it is and why they have not responded. If it's a proper answer, that they've sent us in a statement in the 'Break room' section about taking a break, going on vacation, or something for a long time and are unable to post, that will be accepted. But if you have not sent us in any warning to this sudden leave, we'll warn you. You gotta let us know.

If we don't really receive an answer from anyone (Or that person who is clearly inactive that is being waited on to post...That will be dealt with in anther section)...Well, we will wait a period of one more month for an answer and that is it. If we do not recieve an answer, we will force the rp into '/CLOSED/', notify everyone involved and the group entirely. We will not only force it into 'closed' but also LOCK the rp so that no more posts can be made on it.

If enough people participating in the rp actually are NOT interested in it when we ask them about it, we will choose wither or not to close it down before the month given date. We'll have to see about it if the time should come.

Why do you close down or lock rps anyways?

I or another mod will only close or lock down rps if they become inactive or dead. I never liked having rps just floating around that aren't really being played on or messed with. Why bother with them? If people have lost interest or dropped it, there's no point in keeping it around, so it will be locked and closed. You have plenty of time though before that happens, as I said, you have about 1-2 months before that actually happens. And if it does happen, you can always ask why, submit a request to reopen/unlock, etc. There's no problem with that.

B...But we're still interested in the rp...

If you were interested, it wouldn't have been inactive for so long. You have a period of two months until it will officially be closed and locked if we receive no answer from anyone.

I can understand though if one person becomes disinterested in the states or the rp even if everyone else involved still wants to play...Just waiting on their post. I understand that situation, I've been there before plenty of times. I'm actually in one right now on another forum that is frustrating because I've waited months for an answer from this one person and literally cannot move forward until we get their answer...Which obviously isn't coming.

So I can understand that. If enough people are interested in the rp before we close and lock it in time, we won't close or lock it, instead, we'll boot that specific state from the rp. I or another person will come in and write up a post booting that specific member from the rp and giving the reasons of why and how long it had been since they had last posted. Those reasons will be given below the post, however, whoever wrote those reasons is responsible for the actual post in the rp to rid the rp of that state/territory player. The character will need to be disposed of, whether it's just going away, being killed (It just all depends on the rp), or whatever, but that needs to be included and put in so that the rest of the people who are actually interested in playing and continuing the rp can do so.

Inactive users:

Any people who become inactive on this site (I will write up an entire entry and such on that as well in another section) is an entirely different matter that will receive all from warnings to even being kicked from the site if they remain inactive too long. (I will be fair and give plenty of notice time and it's not like if you're inactive for a few days you'll be banned, heavens no, that's unreasonable. I'm talking months and months of inactivity or more completely.) But, as I've said, actual user inactivity is another subject entirely that will be dealt with in the 'Newcomers' section, I suppose.

Interested in unlocking and putting an rp back up?

Well, let's say there's this rp that's been off or dead for awhile and has been locked or closed. If some people are interested in re-opening, you'll have to submit a request by posting in this section of which rp you'd like to reopen and unlock. If anything, or depending on the situation, we could even open a new topic of a continuation of the rp rather than pick up where we left off. But that's something you'll have to discuss with me, the admin, or the mods in order to do, I don't want any continuation posts from a dead or closed rp unless you're given permission.

And I believe that's all I have to say about this section and reasonings.


Things that should only be replied to in this section:

  • If you're looking to re-open/unlock a closed or locked rp that has died or become inactive.
  • If you're looking to open up a continuation of a closed/locked rp that has died or become inactive.
  • If you're wanting to boot a certain state/territory from the rp who has become inactive with that rp.
  • Any certain questions or issues on this subject that I have not addressed above that you'd like to ask about.
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Idle Rps (And Requests To Activiate Locked Ones Again)
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