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PostSubject: User Inactivity   Mon Mar 07, 2011 8:46 pm

Alright, I thought I'd put up this section. This is much different from 'Idle/Inactive Rps' that have been either questioned, locked, or closed. If you're here asking about idle/inactive rps, please visit here instead.

But this section is about /USER/ inactivity. If you've ever received a message or a notification about you being inactive, you can take that up with the admin or the mod. If you simply become more active and keep tabs on your account here and there, you will not have to worry about such things. We're merely stating that you are ignoring your account(s), not attacking you, so if you started posting or even making polls here and there to keep up activity, then that is great and we won't pester you anymore.

Why do you care about inactive users?

Why in the world would we want users who contribute nothing to our group? That is the more appropriate question. Why should we waste our time having you if you aren't going to do anything anyways? And I definitely do not support people who sign up with accounts and then just flee instead of trying to do anything. Your account will be removed if you haven't filled out the 20 question states application. The only people who should sign up and keep an account are those who fully intend on keeping up and participating in the group. If you're just here to see our pictures, watch us rp, etc, etc, then simply bookmark us and watch us as a guest. Do not sign up. And that's the end of that.

How long is it until you are considered inactive?

It depends on the user. If they've notified us of their leave for a little while, we'll take that into account. I'm planning on keeping the activity and everything down to monthly periods. --...Ugh no pun intended. Anyways. If you haven't done anything in a month from the last thing you did on this site (A post, a poll, anything), then we'll send you a reminder. On the second full month of inactivity or notice, we'll send another reminder and a warning that we will ban or remove your account if you do not respond or anything by the end of the third month, which we will give you the date and time to reply by. If you have YET to do anything by the third month, we'll have no choice but to either mark your account or remove it entirely. You'll have to resign up and everything if you want back in. That was brought on by you, no one else, and you have no one to blame but yourself.

tl;dr: 1 month you're sent a message. 2nd month you're warned. 3rd month you're out completely.

How do I keep active then?

We're not asking you to keep up with us every given second or give us complete attention. I realize we have lives, jobs, school, and so on. What I'm asking is simply look at the website and contribute something every once in awhile. Whether it's a little comment, some post on an rp, putting up a picture, hell, even coming in once in awhile and just throwing a poll at us or starting up random talk about anything in the 'Just talk' section is welcome. But /PLEASE/ don't just leave us. I don't want inactive users or users who don't care. And if you've read the above, you should know the answers to your other questions.


Things that should only be replied to in this section:

  • If you're wanting to ask to bring back your account or unlock it, if you have a good reason why we should.
  • If you're wanting to know about anything I didn't just explain in the rules and info I posted up above. Go on, ask.
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