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 Georgia, at yer service~

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Staring Out
Staring Out

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PostSubject: Georgia, at yer service~   Thu Jul 21, 2011 11:32 pm


1. Time for the first and obvious question! What's your name, age, state/territory, gender, credit card...

The name’s George Anderson. Y’all must be wonderin’ why I ain’t got the last name “Jones” and it’s actually quite a simple fact – I may be American, but you’ll do best to know that I’m a Georgian through and through-...No, I’m not Georgia as in the country! I told ya – I’M AMERICAN, DAMMIT. Don’t ya DARE mistaken me fer anythin’ else! I’m the one and only, TRUE Georgia ‘round here! That’s right, yer lookin’ at the Peach State as well the grand ol’ Empire State of the South! Anyhow, I’m 278 as of this year, though I’m told I look from anywhere between 23 to 27. Are the gray’s startin’ to show yet? Haha, I’m just kiddin’…Now where was I…Ah, yes. I’m male. Quite so. Feel free to frisk me down~ That’s to you ladies only, of course. Oh, and by the way, I’ve got American Express. *winks*

((Georgia used to carry the last name “Jones” (he didn’t really have a last name to begin with and took after America’s at the time of Revolutionary War to show his allegiance), but changed to “Anderson” instead after secession. He refuses to change it back. Aside from that, good credit score is good – Georgia’s one of 13 states that has AAA credit rating. This boy be makin’ bank, son. BD))

2. What do you look like? Give us a written description.

Take a picture, darlin’, it’ll last much longer. *smirks*

Oh Lordy, you actually want me to talk ‘bout myself? Can’t ya tell just by lookin’? Well, I won’t take up too much of your time. Obviously, I’m very handsome. Dashing handsome rogue, if I do say so myself. I’ve been told I’ve got a nice smile and very expressive eyes. I'm also 6"2, 210 lbs...Don’t look at me like that - I ain't fat, it’s all them muscles! I'm just the right weight! And so what if I’ve got a split-ended cowlick sticking out the back of my head, short brown hair, and warm brown eyes that ain’t as interestin’ as yer colorful blue, green, or purple ones? And unless yer blind, I’m as white as they get. What, ya don’t think so? Well, blame the hot Georgian sun fer that one – can’t work in the fields and play a lil football now and then without gettin’ a nice tan (and some sunburn too, goddamn!). And yes, this IS my everyday outfit; I have to represent them Dawgs somehow, especially durin’ football season, and what better way to do so than wearing my red hoodie, white sweatpants, and good ol’ fashion Nike runnin’ shoes? Can’t get any more pride than that! Oh, but I do have other clothes, never you mind! I know when to dress casual or proper. I mean, I have me at least 5 Armani suits that I interchange ‘bout every year. Nothin’ says sexy and powerful like a man in a suit…

…So I’m fashion conscious. Shut up.

((In case you’re wondering, he does make sure to donate the suits after going through them. Or lending them to poorer states because even though he’s a *cough* nice guy, he does love to rub it in once in a while. Maybe that’s why he kept on getting teased by the others…))

3. Alright, so what are some of your hobbies; what you like to do or have? (Give at least 5, it can be food or material things too, doesn't matter.)

Weeeeeeeell, let’s see…I like to play football. Well, any kind of sports really – I’m an outdoorsy fella once you get to know me. Hell, fishin’, muddin’ – well, maybe not muddin’. That may be alright with Mississippi, but them fish sure can bite HARD. I can do raftin’ and huntin’ though.


Mmm…I like music. I can play a mean fiddle. Oh, and I can rap. What? Ya don’t believe me? I’m serious! I like a wide variety of music - what, jist ‘cause I’m the State of Georgia y’all think I’m just some country-lovin’ redneck? Please, I’ll have y’all know that I introduced crunk (well, Tennessee did to be honest, but he’s too embarrassed to claim it. *snickers*). That’s right – me.

…Whaddya mean y’all don’t listen to crunk no more?! It’s that Justin Bieber you kids are all crazy ‘bout these days, ain’t it? *frowns*
What? That was only two? Jesus…I like peaches. I AM the Peach State, and don’t let Delaware tell ya otherwise, or South Carolina fer that matter. I’ve got the best tastin’ peaches you’ll ever taste. There, that’s three. Let’s see…I like to cook. I’mma damn good cook. That’s the one good trait that I didn’t get from England. Pies are my specialty~

...That’s all I can think of for now. Next.

((Crunk has its origin in Memphis, Tennessee by the artist Three 6 Mafia, but it was Atlanta-based artists like Lil Jon and Yin Yang Twins that crunk went mainstream. And he will never admit it, but he does have a soft spot for the Girl Scout. This is evident in his mailing frenzy of Girl Scout cookies ordering forms to other states, as well as buying bulks of their cookies to show his support. If you’re lucky you might even catch him playing honorary scout Mom to a troop. He also likes beer, Coke, the Atlanta Braves, and Ray Charles))

4. What do you not like/hate? What gets you all riled up? (I.e, Arkansas hates foreigners, they scare him. Give at least 5. They can be food or whatever, doesn't matter.)

Oh, goddamn Yanks. I mean, I tolerate them as much as the next fella, but they think they’re so high and mighty. Give them a li’l of my famous Southern hospitality and the next thing I know I’m just a doormat fer them to walk all over to get to Florida. And on that subject, what the hell’s so great ‘bout Florida anyway? I mean, I’ve got nice beaches, and some gators too. Hell, I think that damn bastard let them wander on to my side on purpose, just like them Cubans…

…I apologize deeply by the way for the Cuban remark. *straightface*

…Um…ahem. I hate sinners. One thing I can’t stand is infidelity – I mean, y’all enter this scared union and still covet another? It just don’t make a lick o’ sense. Oh, and people talkin’ shit ‘bout me behind my back. You got something to say, then say it to my face like a real man.

((An occasional racist, he’s not overly fond of foreigners as well. Tolerable, but not fond.))

5. What are your relationships with bordering states? (Your attitude towards other states around you, not their attitude towards you, so this /can/ be answered by your character.)

Mmm, my relationship with my neighbors, ya say? Well…Out of all my neighbors, I gotta say that Alabama and I go way back. After all, he was my underlin’ back when I was a colony, and I did help the guy out to become a state; got him started and learnin’ the ropes when he achieved statehood. And boy, were we the best of pals – been through thick and thin, ya know? ‘Specially durin’ Civil War and Civil Rights…Heh...A-And well, we’re not always buddy-buddies, see. He and I are Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry, after all – come time to kick ‘round the ol’ pigskin, I will fuck him up. I will fuck up Alabama, and he will fuckin’ take it like the bitch that he is.

Speakin’ of rivalries, Florida’s another one that always gets my goat. Damn bastard had a beef with me since we were goddamn colonies, thanks to that Spanish blood in him. And DON’T even get me started on football with this sonuvabitch! I’ve Gator Stomped his ass, and I’ll do it again.

…J-just gotta get stronger th-this year, dammit… *sniffs manly tears*

Urk…who else? Well, there’s Tennessee and South Carolina left. I guess you can say, thanks to my humble beginnings, those two are like the brothers I never had. South Carolina bein’ the older sibling and Tennessee the younger, ‘course. Which means I’m stuck in the middle. Sigh…Anyway, I like South Carolina to be honest. He gave me some of his lands back then to get started on, and he was pretty much my role model. Yessir, down to the secession and even the more recent, ahem, “rebellion”. Too bad Washington (D.C.) shot us down and said we can’t issue our own state currency. Damn Northerners. With Tennessee, we’re on pretty good terms. A li’l rivalry here and there. We had our past, but nowadays we’re a lot closer than before. Still an annoying kid though. Cute kid, but still annoying.

6. Which states/territories do you like the best, what's your relationship with them? (Give reasons of why, not just because you're BFFL'S IN RAEL LIFE!!1!!ONE! I don't take that shit.)

Hmm…* looks thoughtful*

I guess I’ll have to say Alabama, Tennessee, and South Carolina. North Carolina…eh. I’m kind of a grudge holder, so I’m not on exactly peachy-keen terms with that one. Ah, I do like Virginia – I’ve looked up to her since I was a wee colony. Quite the looker too, if you catch my drift. *smirks*

7. Since we're on the subject of relationships, how are you there? What are your romantic interests? (Boys, girls, both, not interested, etc)

*smirks * I’m always interested in a good time, darlin’. How ‘bout after this silly questionaire’s done we find some place private and get to know each other better, hmm? *winks*

((He is physically attracted to both genders, though it's not something he advertises. Preference-wise is a-whole-nother can of worms, and how this fairs for him as a state, well… XD;;

State sexuality. Oh. My. God. Let me explain here, because this was something I’ve wrestled over relentlessly internally over at another states RP. Georgia: a red state, a Southern state, a BIBLE state. You can’t make it any other than straight, right? Well, I think you can. For me, gender wouldn’t really be a factor in determining relationship for states. While we try to simplify by making states reflect its people and popular stereotypes, there has to be something that reflects the time as well. Atlanta is the 3rd city with the highest LGBT population (ranking behind San Francisco and Seattle (hell, some sources may even say it’s the gayest city), and even a Deep South city like Savannah is gay-friendly. There are 113 churches in GA that are gay-friendly. I’m just throwing out random facts, and frankly other Georgia RPers will say the state is straight. This particular GA, however, I found it easier (and make more sense) to just make him bi due to what I’ve perceived about this state. He has a preference towards women because he knows that he’ll one day wants to settle down and have a family, and given the state’s position and his religious view on gay marriage it’s a LOT easier to be with a woman than it is to be with a man, especially publically. He’ll flirt shamelessly with women, but with men that strike him fancy he’ll be a lot more discreet.))

8. Which states/territories do you /not/ like/hate. Give reasons.

Florida. New York. *straightface*

((He feels an intense one-sided rivalry towards Florida and New York. With Florida it’s due to tourism and being the more popular one, as well as history. With New York, it’s like an inferiority complex. “Empire State? Pssh I’m the Empire of the SOUTH, and don’t ya fergit it!” “New York City is huge? Please, ya ain’t even SEEN Atlanta!” “JFK is an airport nightmare? Have y’all BEEN to the Terminal to Hell (Hartsfield-Jackson, which is world’s busiest airport)?!” “Goddamn Yanks!” etc.
Most other states outside of the South he refuses to even acknowledge. 8U))

9. If you had to pick a song (You can pick up to three songs) to describe yourself, which one?

That’s interestin’. Any three songs, huh? I never thought ‘bout somethin’ like that. May have to sleep on that one… *thoughtful look*

((Heh, he doesn’t really care. He’ll probably answer with something lewd, so I’ll answer for him. XP I guess you could say “Chicken Fried” by Zac Brown Band sums him and his personal values up nicely. “Have You Ever Seen the Rain” by Creedence Clearwater Revival is another, which is probably his sensitive/mellow side…Ah, and, um…“I Got My Game On” by Trace Adkins. Yeeeeeeeeeeep. *cough*))

10. What would you describe your personality as? What are you, the bad-boy? The romantic? The cool one? Smart? Strong? Bold? Mischievous? What? (Go on to explain your character's personality fully in parenthesis please. You can explain as much as you want, it doesn't matter on the length or if it's too long or something.)

*chuckles* Obviously the tall, dark, and handsome type. Guess ya can say I’mma bit of a bad boy, lookin’ fer some excitement. And ya know somethin’? *smiles and leans in* I think you are too. If yer lookin’ fer the man of yer dreams, then let me tell ya somethin’, sweetheart. I’m strong. I’m smart. I’m rich. And I’m sure ya know that I’m a very attractive man that’s very interested in you.

Am I comin’ on a bit too strong fer ya, darlin’? *chuckles and sits back, smirking* Well, I’ll give ya a moment then to consider while we continue with the Q & A.

((I’m pretty sure you can tell by now that he is an egotistical, confident, narcissistic sonuvabitch that just LOVE to tease the hell out of people. That is, sadly, just a piece of the puzzle. Consider it like this: given his history Georgia feels the need to prove himself to others. The guy was started originally as a utopian colony that was supposed to reform debtors and buffer against the Spanish, so we already have this machismo attitude of “I’m here to kick ass and take names while showing y’all we don’t need slaves or alcohol to get shit done!” For real. James Oglethorpe-Georgia’s founder-was a social reformer that was against slavery and alcohol. But anyway, this tough guy attitude carries on through the Revolution and during Antebellum Georgia grew more assured of himself and his growth economically. He was pretty much the richest of the Southern State, and that ego just inflated tenfolds. Secession and Civil War hit and, well, that’s when shit hits the fan. He finds out he wasn’t invincible after all, especially after Sherman’s March to the Sea. Still, the guy continues to fight to the bitter end; he didn’t even rejoin the Union until 1870, which was two years after South Carolina, the last Confederate state to rejoin. With this kind of backstory, it’s not hard to see how he wouldn’t care much for anyone that wasn’t part of his “family”, aka the South, though even around this time he pretty much ignored them and focused only on rebuilding him. After losing so much, he feels the need to prove that he could be great, if not greater, once more. So he develops a sort of mask personality: something that was attractive to others. He’s that dependable, reliable big brother type that you could-and should-call on. He’s the Southern gentleman that woos and treats the ladies with respect, and offers his hospitality to those who seeks it. Need money? A favor? Don’t worry, he’s got you covered. Then behind this mask lies this dark, bitter grudge that revels in his heritage. Nothing feeds his sadism more than being able to belittle and crush a non-Southern state for all that he went through (Southern states aren’t technically exempt, but he’ll choose his kin over any day). If he can control and exert complete dominance somehow over another, then he wins; a reason on why he’s so competitive against others. As long as he’s around others, he needs to constantly exert himself.

...Damn, this guy’s practically sociopathic. 8U *shot*))

11. Alright, you surely have some pros about yourself. Tell me 5 or more pros about yourself. (Great economy, nice people, etc. Just give me some benefits about your state in your character's point of view.)

So, now I gotta sell myself out to you, hmm? Well, let’s see if I could do just that. *winks*
Weeeeeeeeeeeeell…I’ve got great economy. I’m financially stable. Fiscally prudent. So the economy on the national scale ain’t doin’ so great – I personally have a triple A ratin’. Mmm, we have some of the friendliest people on the East Coast. Believe me when I tell ya that. Have I mentioned the food? Peach cobbler, plump Atlantic shrimp, Chik-Fil-A, fried okra, fried sweet potatoes, fried green tomatoes, fried chicken….Mmm-mmm-mmm~

I can guarantee, once ya live here, you’ll never want to leave. Here you got some of the prettiest sceneries and most beautiful cities – and I don’t just mean my mother, heh. There’s plenty of fun activities and events to do, so make sure you plan ahead. For more information visit www.exploregeorgia.org. *flashes smile*

((Right, so let me just say as a Californian native moving to school to Georgia, I just absolutely adore the state. Personally I can live anywhere, be it the ghettoes to the big cities to the suburbs to the rural countryside, but there is something about Georgia that California couldn’t offer. It’s true that the state is more financially stable than others, and isn’t as dependent on federal aid as, well, CA. The way people interact there is also a lot more different; here in CA (unless you live in the suburb your entire life) you don’t talk to stranger. In GA, strangers casually greet each other and strike up conversations. I also notice that people treat each other with more respect and deference to age there (which is sad because the city I live in CA has a large senior population and they get treat like crap by the high school students ;w;). Gosh, I never heard the terms “sir” and “ma’am” been used as much as I did in GA! Though I think that’s a Southern thing in general, but hey. XD Food is definitely pretty amazing – you hear stories of Southern comfort food and finally having some it’s really great. The sights are just amazing as well – well…to be honest my values and expectations are simple compared to most, but OMIGOD THE GREEN. THE ARCHITECTURE. THE MOUNTAINS. THE SWAMP. THE SPANISH MOSS. THE SPANISH MOOOOOOOOOOOOSSSSSSSSSSSS.

…Um, heheheh. XD;; And so many cool things to do and see! Georgia is a state rich in history and cultural heritage. Did you know that Georgia was the site for the 1996 Olympics? Or that Jimmy Carter was from Georgia? owo Atlanta’s one of the nation’s biggest cities and is home to the world’s largest aquarium, CNN, Coca-cola, State Mountain Park, etc. Augusta is a beautiful city that’s home to the PGA Tour. Roswell is on the 100 Best Places to Live. Savannah is, gosh, the LOVE I have for this city. If you’re a history buff or art student, Savannah is definitely your town. ;w;

Ah, and the mother comment will be made clear in the parent section. XD;;))

12. Alright, I'm pretty sure you can guess what's coming up next. Give me 5 or more cons about yourself. (Bad traffic, polluted, isolated, etc., remember, in your character's point of view.)

Heheh, I suppose the “perfection as a weakness” answer ain’t really gonna fly here, hmm? Well, I don’t like to admit it, but I AM pretty easily irritable. A lot can set me off the wrong way. *smirk*

I will admit though that I AM a pretty crazy driver. I can’t help that I got the need for speed, ya know? Hey, at least I’m not as bad as New York. And I do have a bad problem when it comes to image…Point is, I ain’t exactly a saint; I’m only human. Well, as human as the next state. *shrugs*

((Uh, this might be a bit of further information from the personality question. History isn’t the only factor behind his personality, and a lot of the mask theory also stems from how others perceive him via cities. Kinda like “when you think of CA, you think of L.A. and San Francisco” and “when you think of NY, you think of New York City”. When you think of GA, you usually think of Atlanta, Savannah, and maybe Athens. Mostly Atlanta. So a lot of these cons have to do with Atlanta because that’s what the nation hears more about, considering it’s the largest city in GA. So…

Atlanta is voted the Most Irritation Prone city in the US, as it ranks pretty high in nearly all categories for irritation factors – worst commute, pollution, poverty, etc. Hell, apparently Georgia ranks last in protecting kids from tobacco. 8U Georgia is also the fifth worst drivers state, ranking behind California, Hawaii, New Jersey, and-of course-New York.

The image issue he mentions is about how two-faced Georgia is as a state. While you’ll hear great and attractive things about the state, you’ll eventually learn some unpleasant statistics the hard way. Like I’ve said earlier, it is the 50th ranked state to protect children from tobacco. More than 50% of children in GA lives in poverty. Homelessness is another huge problem. Hell, Georgia is one of two states to even have a state-wide crisis pertaining to low graduation rate (the other state being Nevada). Religion bigotry, sex scandals…The guy can be a hypocrite at times. OTL))

13. Favorite color(s)? (Up to three, if you want)

Mmm…I do like red. Not my favorite favorite though – that would be blue. And not just any blue either; it can’t be TOO saturated, just a little bit. It ain’t exactly dull like light blue, but it’s just pale enough, like a robin’s egg in the spring time…yeah. Soft and pastel-y. Now that’s a pretty color.

What? I don’t have to be a fruit to appreciate and understand colors. *frowns*

14. Hey, we haven't even asked you about your parents yet. So, who bore this ungodly offspring? (Parents is a loose term. This can apply to major migration. For instance, if you have a lot of /German/ Immigrants, Germany helped in the parenthood then. It's basically: What is your ancestry? Obviously this spot will have more than TWO parents. And America should be an ADOPTIVE father for most of you, the only states who are truly his children should be the original 13 colonies.)

"Ungodly offspring"? Don’t ya mean “God’s gift to mankind?” Heheheh…Well, the official story is that I came over with England to meet this kid that was supposedly my “big brother”. Don’t get me wrong, I’m related to America…somehow. He claims that we are by blood, but I really don’t see how as I ain’t anythin’ LIKE the guy. And well, England always did say I reminded him of his older brother. Guess that’s where the temper came from. *chuckles*

Got that? Well, fergit it, ‘cause this is how it REALLY went down. See, you can talk all day to my other so-called “siblings”-yes, I’m talkin’ ‘bout the other 12 originals-so I can understand how this story may come off as unbelievable. I was actually born here on American soil, and no it ain’t from Alfred. Oh God no. *shudders* No, I came from my mother, Savannah. That’s right, the Hostess City of the South? That’s my ma. Don’t believe me? Heh, don’t worry – jealousy is a common side effect after knowing that I’ve got the coolest and hottest mom alive. *smug look*

((…I’m sorry admins, I’m really sorry. ;A; See, I had a this idea developed from another RP group and, well, I find this theory to make more sense than America being the father just given Georgia’s history. If y’all could let this slide, great. If not, then I’ll totally come up with something else. OTL

Basically, James Oglethorpe aka philanthropist extraordinaire comes over from England. He finds this nice spot of land that belonged to the Yamacraw tribe and their leader, Tomochichi. After becoming good buddies, Tomochichi sold the land to Oglethorpe and thus Georgia’s first and oldest city, Savannah, came to be. And thus, Georgia was born. *Hallelujah chorus*

Ah, though in terms of ancestry (should this story not pass), Georgia would have a lot of British and Scot-Irish ancestry (as well as the natives). Savannah was and is still very British-friendly, and I remember reading about the Scot-Irish lineage being prominent in the South... owo;;))

15. Oh! And you have history for before you became a state, when you were wandering around as a little baby territory on your own (Probably with Indians lol), so tell us about your PRE-STATEHOOD.

"Territory"? Please, darlin’ – I’m Georgia. I was a CROWN COLONY. Well, I originally started as a proprietary colony before getting my royal membership, but hey – I was still awesome. Ah, let me tell ya, lookin’ back those were the good days. I started off as South Carolina’s lackey for a bit, but then I got a bit of land from him and my own house, and became my own boss! I even got a couple of underlings of my own later, those bein’ Mississippi and Alabama, but that came later. I had the duty of defending America from Spain and his pesky li’l Florida, and reformin’ debtors. Heh, well, let me tell ya that last one didn’t go over too well. See, I originally was supposed to be this li’l utopia with no slavery or booze. Fuck that. At the time, if ya wanna be big ya gotta do big. So, I followed the Carolinas and Virginia’s lead and became ‘nother rice colony. Boy, did I grew BIG (and I ain’t just talkin’ down there either, sweetheart *winks*).

Heheh, let’s see. Then when the Revolution hit…It was a pretty confusin’ time. To be honest, I wasn’t too thrilled at first. I mean, I was doin’ well under England despite those taxes. But then that sonuvabitch. Attacked. My. Mother…Well, the rice boats, but he came damn close! So I did what any good son would’ve done and jumped on the Revolution bandwagon. And invaded Florida three times. Pretty sweet~

But then that bastard England returned ‘cause he couldn’t take out New York and Massachusetts, so he decided to come down south thinkin’ it’ll be easy pickin’. Ha! As if. I put up a fight, but…but…Ah, goddammit. *slams fist on table top* I’m not mad fer bein’ captured by England. I’m not mad that I was the ONLY FUCKIN’ COLONY to be restored to the British Crown. I’m fuckin’ pissed that my so-called “siblings” didn’t even BOTHERED to come for me. Not even South Carolina, and he was fuckin’ next door. And you know what else? To make matters worse, America for some FUCKIN’ reason thought he would help me by sendin’ FRANCE to rescue me. FRANCE. Haha, and guessed what happened? Nothing. NOTHING WAS ACCOMPLISHED. Can ya believe that? Ha. What a fuckin’ riot.

…What? Oh, long story short England finally left, America got his independence, and I became a state. Yep, fourth state to ratify that constitution. Hmph.

16. Finally! You became a state! When did you become a state? And what happened? Did you have a specific need to fulfill to become a state (For instance, Ohio had to raise his population to become a state, etc) and is there anything interesting that has happened about your statehood? (For instance, Ohio wasn't actually a state and was forgotten until 1953 when they realized this error and revised it to 'pretend' he got into the union in 1803. Trufax.)

*smirk* Please, Ohio is a just waste of space. It’s no wonder Alfred forgot ‘bout him. I know I would.

But jokin’ aside, I’m sorry that I didn’t have to do anything special to be a state. I just ratified the single most important document in US history. That is why I’m a state.

17. Time for a question you OBVIOUSLY wasn't expecting. Tell us your history AFTER you became a state until modern times? (Remember, in your own words.)

…Do ya mind if I smoke? I’m gonna need this if I have to recount everythin’. *takes out a pack and lights one up*

*takes a drag* Ah…where to start?

So, remember when I mentioned ‘bout Mississippi and Alabama? Well, I had to give my cute li’l underlings to America, and that was that. Then the greatest thing happened – this kid by the name of Eli Whitney came down and created the cotton gin, and baby, I practically became a king o’ernight. King of Cotton, that is. Oh yeah, they don’t call me the Empire State of the South for no reason. I grew up like no man’s business into this handsome stud that you have before ya, and got richer than anyone! *smiles and takes another drag*

But it wasn’t all peaches, Antebellum. I’m sure you’ve learn ‘bout the Trail of Tears, and of course those Northerners will tell you what a terrible person I am for havin’ slavery. Please. That’s a discussion I’ll have for another time privately, but for now let’s save that. Overall I must say I have very fond memories of Antebellum. But that didn’t last long. Ah, the war...

I was the fifth to secede, just few days after ‘Bama. Most think that I followed ‘cause of my underlings, but truth is it was all South Carolina’s doin’. You should’ve seen him back then, so eloquent and cool as he rallied us to fight for our rights. Heh, I can still remember the day he beat up Massachusetts. Serves him right, attackin’ his honor like that. And that’s what it was in the end. It was never ‘bout just slavery. Hell, I can tell ya right now that those uppity “Northern” states had slaves themselves at the time, those goddamn hypocrites. No, it was ‘bout us and our rights, and what we need to do to survive. We were just too different, the North and the South. We had a way of doin’ things that served us very well, and them Yanks just decided one day that it oughta change just like that? And that they expect us to bow down to America, without a single say? We states entered into the Union, so we SHOULD have the say when that idiot gets to have too much power. But nooooooo, it’s “Daddy knows best~” Ugh. Apparently “Daddy” was fine with killin’ us off as well.

I’ll admit, I wasn’t too keen to participate at first. I was just servin’ as support alongside with Florida (that’s probably one of the few times we actually got along), caterin’ to Virginia and South Carolina and others with supplies and men via railways. I housed Union POW down in Andersonville…God, I used to have nightmares ‘bout that place. But not as often as I did ‘bout that March. *clenches cigarette tightly* Sherman’s March to the Sea. Tell me, have you ever witnessed hell on Earth? The land burnin’. The sound of men, women, children, and animal dyin’. Everythin’ laid to waste. And I couldn’t do a thing. I couldn’t do anything for my people, for Mississippi, for Alabama, for Tennessee for South Carolina, for Virginia – for anyone. I…I…fuck, I was completely powerless, completely trapped. And that smile, the glint in his eyes – the look on that fucker’s face. He enjoyed every single moment of it as he…when he…

Ah, shit. Pardon me. My chest still burns from that thought. It took a god-long-awful time to finally heal, but the scar remains. *shakes head* Fuck it. I need ‘nother cigarette.

…Where was I? Right, the March. Fortunately my mother was spared from that horrible experience, though Ohio found it amusin’ to dress her up and present her to Lincoln as a Christmas present. *spit* God, I really want to punch his fuckin’ lights ou right now…But it didn’t end there fer me, no sirree. I kept fightin’ till the bitter end, even long after South Carolina surrendered. Heh, ironic, ain’t it? The original rebel pussied out before the rich boy. I rejoined the Union two years after South Carolina. And fuck, I thought the war was hell – Reconstruction was complete shit. I lost everythin’ and had to start over, and guess what? I pulled through. I survived. I’ve rose like a muthafuckin’ phoenix from the ashes and regained my economic growth and-

What? I’m takin’ too long? Listen here, you ASKED me to tell you my history from statehood on so you better listen up. But if I’m really takin’ so much of yer “precious time” then why don’t ya go on Wikipedia like all the other kids, hmm?

*puts out cigarette* Oh fine, princess. I’ll condense it down just fer ya. Reconstruction – miserable. Racial tensions. Went to war. 1920s – fabulous. Depression – not so much. Went to war again. More racial tensions. Civil Rights – racial tension all up in the hizzuh. Martin Luther King, Jr. dies and the world lost a great man. Lots more things happened, some cool, some not. Jimmy Carter became president. I hosted the 1996 Olympics. I was also deemed a right-wing terrorist for a while. Sonny was my first Republican boss since Reconstruction. Paula Deen got famous. Newt Gingrich may become our next president. Whoopee.

18. Got any bad habits? (Example, Ohio tends to drop things a lot. This is because he has quite a number of earthquakes in his region and it causes him to be clumbsy. Or how he smokes = pollution. Describe the habits and give a reason for them being there.)

Ugh, why the HELL does Ohio have to be mentioned in everythin’? Tell me, does he also shake in bed from all those earthquakes like an epileptic rat in a tumble dryer? No disrespect to the epilepsy, rat, or dryer, that is. *smirk*

I guess ya can see that I’m a smoker, and I ain’t plannin’ on quittin’ any time soon. I…also like to drink, and drive crazy. Ah, not together though – I’m very responsible. Heh, I am a pretty crazy driver as it is without the alcohol. Fast and Furious’s got nuthin’ on me~

((Smoking is due to pollution, which is a problem in Atlanta. After all smoking/pollution are irritation factors and Atlanta is the Most Irritation Prone city, eh, eh? See what I did there? 8D *shot* Heheh, and I mentioned before that Georgia is the fifth worst driver state in the country. Seriously. They drive CRAZY fast and reckless. The speed limit is a suggestion to them, not the law. 8U

Other bad habits would possibly be his tendency to preach as well as narrow-mindedness. Strong religious background and rather conservative views can do that to a person…))

19. Tell us anything about yourself you'd care to share? (Anything I haven't mentioned or brought up that you'd like to tell us about?)

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell...Um. Huh. I...Oh! I've got this 10-lbs Bible that I can pull out and whack the fear of God into anyone! Great for disciplinin' small children and idiots too. And speakin' of the Bible...u-urk *awkward cough*

((Heh, a little something to reference his being part of the Bible Belt - Georgia has the ability to pull a 10-lbs Bible out of hammer space as a weapon. Pretty sweet. B) Oh, and of course, being part of the Bible Belt means actually owning an actual Bible belt. That is, well, a chastity belt. It comes into effect when fidelity is questioned; a little something to keep him in control from being such a horndog because this man is a serious horndog. No joke. Kinks all up the hizzuh in here. 8U

Aside from sexy times, he also has the ability to see ghosts - a rather unwanted trait from England. Savannah being one of the most haunted cities (literally a city that builds upon its dead) doesn't help his acute sixth sense either, which pisses him off because if there's one thing that scares him more than anything, it's ghosts. Consider that a sign of him being actually related to America. =w=;; Also, the guy has two birthdays. For real. You have his statehood day, and then you have Georgia day, which celebrates when the colony was first founded. He celebrates the first with other states while reserving the second for celebrating with his mom only. He's a true mama's boy, that one.))

20. Show us how you'd interact. Give us a sample, about a paragraph long or more, if you wish. (Give us an rp sample. This can be about anything, just include your character since this is YOUR application. Type it up as if you were rping with us in a random post. It can be about anything, a day in the life of your character, something they love doing [Hobby or something?], recalling on a past event, etc. Be as dramatic, serious, funny, etc as you want to be. And keep in mind, write it as if you were reading your post in a book, third person. Spelling and grammar counts, the only exception to this is your character's accent when they talk.

Here's a sample of the style we're looking for:

It was such a nice day. Connecticut loved going down to the dock on these days, talking with a few of the locals, hoping onto a boat, and just setting sail. The water was calm, the breeze felt good, and he couldn't hardly ask for a better day. "I'm sure you've steered before, right? Ya wanna take the wheel while I go set up some nets?" A local who had allowed him onto his boat came around the corner, talking to him and raising his hat with a smile. Abiel (Connecticut) nodded, "Sure thing, I'll take the wheel." He put, moving to shuffle past the captain so he could make his way to the Wheel house and take control. He hadn't been behind the wheel in such a long time, he looked forward to taking it into his hands again. It had been much too long.

There is a good example. Use as much detail as you'd like, the more the better.)

Food, check. Clothes, check. Beer, check. Presents, check. Tree, check. Decorations, check, check, and triple check. George smiled and continued down the list, checking off all the preparations. The normally busy office full of officials and interns was quiet, as they all have gone home for the day. George had stayed behind to go over some of papers, but with Christmas getting closer with each passing day he couldn't help but be swept up in the holiday frenzy. He sighed in fondness of the memory of his daring participation at one of the stores on Black Friday - boy, the rush and the excitement as he and hundreds of others compete to get that sweet deal. Normally he would sit it out and resign himself to watching it on the news in the morning, chuckling at the crazy chaos on screen, but this year was different; this year he planned to celebrate with his mother a bit earlier. "I really don't see why," he mutters softly to himself, and focused on the list again. He always reserved Christmas for his dear ol' ma; as much as he loved his state "siblings", he much preferred to spend this with someone close, someone special. And of course, when you're the most handsome and available bachelor in town without a date, you go and spend a special holiday with the one woman that you know that loves you the most. 'God, that actually sounds downright pathetic,' the brunet thought, cringing. Seriously, it's nearly Christmas and he still has yet to find a date. If he can't find one now, how does he expect to find one in time for New Year's? There was no way that he's going to end up kiss-less again. Not if he, George Anderson, could help it.


((A/N: HOLY CRAP. I. AM. DONE. *dies*

Uh...heheh, hi! So I guess this is introductions and last minute thoughts, I guess. Well, first and foremost, sorry about the lateness. School has finally ended and I've been back on break for...about 2 weeks now. I know, I know, I'm a procrastinator. That's something I'm trying to fight; it's a losing battle, but I'll never give up! ;w;

A bit about myself: I was born in Long Island, New York on February 1, 1991, then raised in Thailand, raised in California, and now going to art school in Georgia! I'm an avid personify-er thanks to Hetalia, and for a while I've been making state-tan OCs for a story that will probably never exist. I was once part of an RP group on dA and came over here due to a friend's advertisement, so...here I am. To be honest, I had a rough RP experience in the last group and still reeling from it (pfft, a year already and I still have bad memories OTL), but I hope to make a new start here. GA was actually my character back on that group, so I reused a lot of old information, but still researched again just to make sure there are some consistencies. He's a character I love to hate (partly thanks to past RP group), but at the same time he's just so much fun to RP. I, uh, might be making more OCs (most likely CA and KS, maybe even a NY), but for now I'll just stick to Georgie-porgie here because holy crap. This application. Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. QAQ

If there's any information concerns, please feel free to tell me and I'll try to rectify it as soon as I can. Otherwise, I hope you enjoy meeting this character. :D))

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(asklfjdlkfjsdlkf Oh my goodness I love your posts so far LOL. They made me laugh and I really like the way you've built your character. I don't know when I've ever laughed more on a application before sdlkfjsdf. I'm extremely fond of your character and I can't wait to read more~ I'm glad you're still active and with us, even if I myself am running off and not coming back for long periods of time otl. I need to stop that. Anyways, it's got my approval so far! I love it~)
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((SDJALJDKLSAJAJKSDLJA THANK GOD YOU REPLIED BECAUSE I COMPLETELY FORGOT HOW TO GET BACK HERE. QAQ *got new laptop recently and had to update links and bookmarks*


Okay, getting back to work on his post. And heheh, glad it made you laugh. I hope to get it done soon since I've RPed this guy before, but getting all the notes down and revising some research will take time. :'D))
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(ajfsdklfjfjsd. ;u; Well good, at least system notification works and can help. And yes, I can understand that. I've been meaning to learn Connecticut's history and write it all down so I can finally add his character to this site as well. But, yes, it definitely made me laugh and I like your updates so far. I really need to kick my butt more and get on this site again more frequently, it's bad that I check up on it only every month now otl.)
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((HOLY CRAP. *still reeling from finally finishing application* @w@;;

Uh, heheh, don't mind me...I think I'll go and advertise this site later on, and hopefully get more people. We need to make this place more lively. ;3;))
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Georgia, at yer service~
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