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 Heya, Arkansas 'ere!~

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Heya, Arkansas 'ere!~ Empty
PostSubject: Heya, Arkansas 'ere!~   Heya, Arkansas 'ere!~ EmptyFri Mar 04, 2011 3:16 am

(Alright! It's about time I submitted my own application in as Arkansas, eh? Time to get 'er done eue)


1. Time for the first and obvious question! What's your name, age,state/territory, gender, credit card... (

Heya! Well, my name is Brett Jones but I gotta lot of nicknames, yanno? Bretty, Arky, Arkansawyer, an' so on...I only let mah close, borderin' relatives call me Bubba! An' don't ya dare say my state name wrong, you 'ear? I'm AR-CAN-SAW, it's against ta state LAW to pronounce it wrong! Not ta mention it'll start up a big fight mmhmm. We get pretty angry at t'at. Oh! An' I'm a full-blown Southern boy, through an' through. I'd say I'm around somew'ere...18? But I'm 'bout 175 years old accordin' ta mah state entry an'--...Uh what's a credit card?

(Arkansas is quite behind in a number of ways. Hm...He doesn't have a cell phone, he barely has a home phone even...No computer...Not too long ago he actually got a TV but he doesn't watch it often because of how much he is outside instead or working...Just overall technologically incompetent. Not that his people are, oh no, we obviously own tvs, computers, and phones, otherwise I wouldn't be here lol. But a lot of them are old fashioned, out in the middle of nowhere, etc, too. Hell, even a lot are still illiterate. Yes, Brett cannot read. He can learn but he doesn't want to. However, he knows that people who NEED to read and such for their jobs are forced to it. He was the first state to actually demand teachers have background checks and literacy tests. So he may not be able to but he makes sure his people do their job right. He just prefers to be simple himself.)

2. What do you look like? Give us a written description.

*Glances down at himself* Well...Uh...White shirt...Blue jeans...No shoes...OH UH. Ya mean what I look like as in looks? Well then. Brown hair, blue eyes...U-Uh...What else am I supposed ta say? ;u;

(Lol, he's pretty simple and humble. For his outfit he wears a long-sleeve white button-up shirt, probably made of cotton, and keeps the sleeves rolled up. He wears blue jeans and those are rolled up to his knees/thighs as well. He HATES shoes. There are actual stories about Arkansan soldiers who were forced to walk long distances and...Well, like this one Arkansan troop during the Civil war forced to march a long way to another town in another state, through snow and all. They actually complained of their feet hurting and took off their shoes. They'd rather walk barefoot for many miles and risk being frostbitten or anything rather than wear shoes, they hate them that much. This includes socks too. Arkansans LOVE being barefoot.)

(As for his actual looks...He has brown fluffy hair and it's kinda short, not too long. Just average. It's really soft and probably smells sweet like pecans or fruit. He likes those quite a bit. His eyes are of course blue, he has pretty fair skin, lightly tanned. During the summers I'd imagine he gets darker of course, being outside all the damn time. He has a hair curl (You know, the E-Zone, Adhoge, anything you want to call it?) at the base of his neck on the left side most of the time. It's thicker than normal curls and curls upwards. He's a pretty average size and kinda skinny since he doesn't eat a lot. He often gives up what he has to others so that they're happy and often forgets himself. He only does this for close neighbors though. He often gets taken advantage of, falls for tricks or pranks, and is quite...Well, dumb. He has some common sense but definitely not too smart and things tend to fly over his head. ;u; Poor fella.)

3. Alright, so what are some of your hobbies; what you like to do or have? (Give at least 5, it can be food or material things too, doesn't matter.)

I mine diamonds! I hunt a lot too! Duck hunting, deer hunting, an' tons of fishing! I also have pecans out the wazoo! Ya want some?! An' I like being outdoors and with bordering siblings! Except Oklahoma. Oh an'd we're also the largest producer of rice! Yup yup!

4. What do you not like/hate? What gets you all riled up? (I.e, Arkansas hates foreigners, they scare him. Give at least 5. They can be food or whatever, doesn't matter.)

YANKEES. Oklahoma. Sinners, men likin' men. Foreigners. ANY STATE THAT'S NOT TOUCHING MY BORDERS. No siblings of mine. *Huffhuff*

(Arkansas is very religious so...Yes ;u;. I personally and OBVIOUSLY don't have a problem with yaoi. But Arkansas does. He's a bit narrow-minded. Quite.)

5. What are your relationships with bordering states? (Your attitude towards other states around you, not their attitude towards you, so this /can/ be answered by your character.)

Ah really love mah close family, my borderin' family...They're ta only ones t'at s'uld matter. With Missouri...Its ok, we go fishin' sometimes. He seems busy wit' othah things thou...A good brother. Tennessee...Ah, we're pretty close! Like real brothers! Fights an' all! We rough 'ouse a lot. Sometimes awr fights git a bit outta 'and...Durin' tha Civil War we got inta lots of fights...We'd tie awr arms tagetha, jus' one, an' 'old a weapon wit' ta other...So we cuddn't git away from each othah...Yeah, it got kinda bloody...I usually always won, actually! It was pretty fun! With Missi (Mississippi)...We're pretty close too. Delta an' all. We usedta pick cotton an' all togetta, fish, hunt, anythin'! Can't live without my close bud t'ere. Louisiana...He's a hoot. He sure throws a lotta parties. I don't really go ta t'em...I don't like drinkin' an' all that too much. It's kinda improper. Ladies should wear clothes an'...Yeah. He makes ta best damn dis'es I've ever 'ad though! Can't beat his cookin'! Othah than wit mine, t'at is~ eue

Ahhhhh. Texas. He deserves ah whole talk jus' on 'im. I'm technically older than 'im accordin' ta statehood...But it don' feel t'at way...We were around before ta w'ole statehood as territories an' all anyways, yup. He kinda...'As always been around, yanno? Always t'ere. We've been through a lot togetta. But... He's ta one who got tha attention... He became biggah, stronger...More known. I feel like I'm in 'is s'adow... People always race through meh ta git ta 'im or one of tha others around me... I get sad about it a lot...But I neva tell 'im. I don wanna worry 'im. Ever. So I suck it up an' stand behind 'im in whateva he does! I look up ta 'im like ah big bro. I'm always t'ere ta back 'im up in anythin' he does! <3

As fer Oklahoma...I hate 'im. We got a strong rivarly, not brotharly. He's caused me alotta grief t'anks to 'is Indians an'...I can't farget it. I can't.

(He sincerely loves Texas quite a bit. If he were a girl, he'd probably have a huge crush on 'her' 'big bro'. But even then, since he considers Texas family, he'd probably think it was a sin to crush on Texas and ignore it. It's sad, he puts his religion, people, and family before himself. He's willing to put himself through complete hell and suffering just to make sure his family is comfortable. Yet to strangers he's very bitter and hides away. It's kind of a bad point of his, majorly, that he can't get over. He has BAD Xenophobia (A fear of foreigners) and even shakes and stuff when they touch him. He can't help it and he's tried to get over it but he just can't. The moment a stranger lays a hand on his close 'family' though, he's ready to throw punches, no matter if they're a stranger or not. He loves his family quite a bit, especially Texas. It doesn't matter if what Texas is doing is wrong, as long as Texas is doing it, it's right. Often Texas uses Arkansas, from what I've seen through history and how Texans reply to Arkansans. They use Arkansas to get their way. They care about them, kinda, but not as much as Arkansans do them. Arkansans think the world of them. Texans think of them as another step on the ladder up. When Arkansas had a oil rush in the 1920's in Southern Arkansas, Texas was the first to jump in and take advantage of it and profit off of him. And Arkansas let him do it cause he cares for him deeply, even though that emotion isn't really returned at all in the same way. As for Oklahoma...He completely hates him. Fort Smith, which is right next and on the Oklahoman border, was quite bloody. It was your 'last stop' before you hit the wild West and faced with the Indians. Many men died protecting it. And many brave men from Fort Smith ventured out into the Wild West to apprehend criminals and never came home. And he doesn't like how Oklahoma never takes care of himself (His roads are shit yo, trust me) and profits from gambling and...He just hates it. And their sport rivalry is huge. I was once passing through Conway, Arkansas and someone supporting OU (Oklahoma Sooners) got egged and trashed. Yeah. We don't like them. S-Sob.)

6. Which states/territories do you like the best, what's your relationship with them? (Give reasons of why, not just because you're BFFL'S IN RAEL LIFE!!1!!ONE! I don't take that shit.)

Well, I obviousaly like Texas quite a bit...The most, really. My close borderin' family other than Oklahoma...That's about it. I don't like strangers or outsiders.

(Again, Texas's reasons are listed in question 5. He really really likes him. Same with the close bordering family as explained in question 5 as well. If he only likes his close bordering family, who else is there for him to like, really? So yeah, this question pretty much answered itself in 5.)

7. Since we're on the subject of relationships, how are you there? What are your romantic interests (Boys, girls, both, not interested, etc)?

A-Ahum...Uh...I-I'M STRAIGHT. IT'S AH SIN FER ANYTHIN' ELSE. ;;....I like l-ladies ;u;...Uh...Y-Yeah...

(He gets a little bashful when these subjects are brought up ;u;. No states bordering him are female, or, at least they shouldn't be female due to history but hey, that's up to other people. And even if a bordering relative was female, it wouldn't work out because of his religion, of course, incest is out of the question. But he's Xenophobic so strangers are out of the question...Yeah. ALONE FOREVER SOB. He's extremely polite and nice towards women, trying to be very gentle with them, hold doors open for them, etc. If you're a non-bordering state to him, if you're a girl non-bordering state, you're going to be treated more nicely, even though he'll still try to avoid you. If he sees you crying or anything, he'll flip and try to help, though probably shaking and trying to run away the moment the problem is fixed. He can't stand to see girls cry, even if they are strangers. He doesn't really date cause of the reasons earlier. It'd be kinda weird to date one of your people from your territory anyways, wouldn't it? So yeah. Alone forever. S-sob. And because of his religion and how much they force it on him he can't STAND the thought of two men together. It freaks him out. Honestly though, he isn't TOO bothered by it. It's his people he is bothered by. If they found out he was ok with such relationships against the religion, they'd probably mob him and burn him alive. I kid you not. They don't treat gays and such well in Arkansas, you have to be careful. Just because Arkansas may protect gays from persecution or anything doesn't mean you won't be ambushed in an alley. It's horrible and sad, but that's how narrow the people are here sometimes.)

8. Which states/territories do you /not/ like/hate. Give reasons.

Well, obviously, if ya don't know by now ya aren't ta bright, buddy. Outsiders, non-borderin' people. I 'ave ah fear my siblin's call 'Xenophobia' or somethin'. They scare meh. An' obviously Oklahoma. He doesn't even deserve ta waste of breath ta describe him.

(Obviously, I've explained this fully enough already lol. Same with Oklahoma in previous questions.)

9. If you had to pick a song (You can pick up to three songs) to describe yourself, which one?

Hm...I'm not quite sure...Ah don't really listen to many songs...;u; I like country an' all...Do I need a certain song? A-Ah don't think so...

(Alright, he doesn't really know or care lol. I have songs though that I've always thought fit him. 'Folkin' Around' by Panic!At The Disco is one of the main songs I thought that fit him extremely well. 'Happy' by NeverShoutNever!. I've always pictured this as his voice ;u;. And also 'Gleaming Auction' by Snow Patrol. That one makes me think of him too ;u; <3. He'd probably also like Romance On A Rocketship songs. Those are just sweet songs.)

10. What would you describe your personality as? What are you, the bad-boy? The romantic? The cool one? Smart? Strong? Bold? Mischievous? What? (Go on to explain your character's personality fully in parenthesis please. You can explain as much as you want, it doesn't matter on the length or if it's too long or something.)

U-Uh...A-Ah dunno...I guess...Nice? ;u;

(He would be the shy and quiet boy. He's nice but scared of outsiders and would flee from them a lot. His personality overall, however, is not complex at all. He's a very simple and laid-back. Very carefree. Many of us just wish we could be carefree. He certainly has his own worries but most of the time, when he's around those he cares about or makes them happy, those worries seem to fade. He acts like a little innocent child and is able to enjoy the simple things in life. He doesn't need technology or anything, he just needs people. And, sometimes, he doesn't even need those. He likes being on his own. I can imagine America having left him on his own a lot, letting the kid trot around and not watching after him. Brett can take care of himself quite well, if he didn't, he obviously still wouldn't be here. He was never spoiled. He often feels ignored though. He does break down every once in awhile and gets so upset. But he never lets anyone see it. He doesn't want anyone to worry about him. He's one of those people who try to make everyone around them smile and happy, never showing them his real upset feelings about anything, just so they don't worry. That friend who is always so nice and kind but secretly crying at night and no one knows. He's repressed by his own people quite a bit. They're stubborn and narrow. He often lives in fear of them too. He tries to do everything right so that they don't judge him or anything. This is often the case with religion and how controlling people get. I often see religion being taught in fear rather than love. It's sad. He's very simple, kind, and nice. But the ones he probably only truly gets along with are his own cities and such. I'm sure his cities (I've personified some here, like Little Rock, Fort Smith, Conway, Russellville, Helena, etc...) really are there for him and all of them share a special bond. I don't really have TOO much to explain on this, since he is quite simple compared to some of my other characters, like Ohio.)

11. Alright, you surely have some pros about yourself. Tell me 5 or more pros about yourself. (Great economy, nice people, etc. Just give me some benefits about your state in your character's point of view.)

U-Um...Let's see...(1.) Nice an' quiet...Very peaceful. There ain't too much ruckus or cities...Ya can really raise yer kids just fine~ (2.) We don't 'ave too much pollution cause of t'at too~... (3.) Ta scenery. It's breathtakin' ;u;. (4.) So many nice small towns ;u;. (5.) Everyone knows everyone! It's so well knit, yanno? <3

(Alright. Let's see here. (1.) Obviously. We have a small population compared to a lot of states. And a lot of them are spread out all over, not really clustered together. There aren't huge cities in Arkansas, they're nice sized cities. They pale in comparison to Cleveland, Chicago, San Fransisco, etc. (2.) Obviously, not big cities and all, not that much pollution. Clean air because of (3.) We aren't called the 'Natural State' for nothing! It's beautiful here, I love it so much. We actually take pride in keeping the state very clean and well taken care of. You get HUGE fines for littering AT ALL, it doesn't matter who you are or what it is. (4.) Oh the small towns ;u; <3 (5.) It's quite nice getting to know so many people. It really feels like a nice family. People will walk up to each other, complete strangers, and act like they're family in a store. Not too long ago I saw a guy smiling at his baby at Walmart and some girl, obviously not knowing him, ran over and was like "AH MAH GAH I GOTTA SEE THIS BABY YOU KEEP SMILING AT, you seem so loving ;u;" It was cute. OH, SPEAKING OF WALMART. We invented it. First town it opened up in is Rogers, Arkansas. You're welcome.)

12. Alright, I'm pretty sure you can guess what's coming up next. Give me 5 or more cons about yourself. (Bad traffic, polluted, isolated, etc., remember, in your character's point of view.)

U-Uh...Y-Yeah... (1.) We're kinda out in tha middle of nowhere... (2.) Ta weather... Is really bad... All from rain... Duststorms... Hail... Tornadoes... Floods... Earthquakes... Y-Yeah... (3.) U-Uh...N-No outsiders. Please. (4.) U-Uh...U-Um... (5.) T-T'ere's n-not much ta do...;;

(Ok. (1.) Obviously. You can feel stranded in a lot of places. Often Arkansans live out in the middle of nowhere. Literally. Middle of the woods. No one can hear you scream, yes? eue
(2.) The weather is bad. The only thing I haven't been through is a hurricane or volcano and even a volcano has gone off in Arkansas at one point, how do you think we have diamonds now? Anyways, this once it was in the middle of summer and it started hailing. Man. It's crazy shit, really. And the weather is extremely biopolar. One day it's sunny and 80 degrees. The next it's snowing. The next it's a tornado. Welcome to Arkansas! (3.) Obviously. A lot of them don't treat outsiders nicely. I personally and obviously don't have a problem with them. But Arkansas does. (4.) Ok, Arkansas is too shy to actually say this. About the whole pressure from religion and his people. How religious they are, narrow minded, and mean they can be. A lot are still racist too. He's too shy to say it though. I used to live in a town that actually RAN the only black man out of town after threatening him by hanging up black baby dolls from trees. IT WAS HORRIBLE. I hate it. But that's how a lot of small towns are around Arkansas filled with religious old people who can't change. (5.) Obviously. Arkansans go to other states to have fun, yo. We don't have many theme parks. Yes, we can find things to do, it's not like we're dead. But if you're from New York, you're obviously going to be bored as hell when you're out in the middle of nowhere. A lot of even popular towns with a lot of people shut everything down at 10pm or sometimes earlier. It's like the whole town goes dead. It's creepy as shit with their curfews, no one is up or anything. I used to have a job that I'd go in for early, at like 4 or 5 am, and the entire town was DEAD. I was often scared to go to work ;u;.)

13. Favorite color(s)? (Up to three, if you want)

Ah I kinda like earthly tones, yanno?...Nothin' too bright. Ta only bright colah I like is red. Razorbacks! WOOO PIG SOWIEEEEE! ;u;

14. Hey, we haven't even asked you about your parents yet. So, who bore this ungodly offspring? (Parents is a loose term. This can apply to major migration. For instance, if you have a lot of /German/ Immigrants, Germany helped in the parenthood then. It's basically: What is your ancestry? Obviously this spot will have more than TWO parents. And America should be an ADOPTIVE father for most of you, the only states who are truly his children should be the original 13 colonies.)

...America's. An' I think the other parent is either France or Spain. Dunno and dun care, I'm here now ain't I?

(Brett is so laid back, he would respond this way, not exactly caring how he got here or who brought him there. However, he had to come from somewhere [It's called sex, Alfred, you need to stop. There's 50 /sob] so I will inform in brackets about his parents. The first European to reach and explore Arkansas was the Spanish explorer Hernando de Soto in search of gold and a route to China. Of course, Arkansas was part of the Louisiana Purchase so France was also technically his daddy, aside from Spain. America obviously bought him off of Spain and France, making him another adoption into the Union. America technically ISN'T Arkansas's dad, as I stated in the question itself, only the original colonies should have him as their father. But he likes to believe that Alfred is his father because he isn't too comfortable with 'outsiders' and 'strangers'. So yeah.)

15. Oh! And you have history for before you became a state, when you were wandering around as a little baby territory on your own (Probably with Indians lol), so tell us about your PRE-STATEHOOD.

My history? Well, let's see 'ere...I was kind of bought by America through the Louisiana Purchase an' some stuff...I was made up of a bunch of duffrn't tribes including Cherokee, Quapaw, (Our name sorta came from this tribe), Caddo, and Osage tribes. Many a man 'ad ta brave ta swamps an' marshes that cover'd me on their journey out West. It was difficult an' most ended up losin' their life or stayin' an' learnin' ta survive on yer own, since yer're in tha middle of nowhere. If ya managed ta make it out, ya faced the Indians an' scorchin' sun. I was often on mah own a lot. An' I liked it t'at way...No one ta really botha me an' quiet- Peaceful! Jus' 'ard work an' my close family~ Many came ta plant an' grow cotton...The peaceful life~

16. Finally! You became a state! When did you become a state? And what happened? Did you have a specific need to fulfill to become a state (For instance, Ohio had to raise his population to become a state, etc) and is there anything interesting that has happened about your statehood? (For instance, Ohio wasn't actually a state and was forgotten until 1953 when they realized this error and revised it to 'pretend' he got into the union in 1803. Trufax.)

I was brought inta the Union on June 15th 1836 as the 25th state and 13th slave state. Ah' didn't really 'ave any requirements or anythin'...Or anythin' t'at 'apppened...

17. Time for a question you OBVIOUSLY wasn't expecting. Tell us your history AFTER you became a state until modern times? (Remember, in your own words.)

I helped Texas out a 'hole ton by sendin' my men an' supplies to help aid him when he was leavin' Mexico. I was right there by my big bro's side tha entire time! I wanna help him out any way I can. I was kinda pulled into the 'hole cotton craze an' the north hada problem wtih my ways so I joined tha confederacy an' fought. I did'a few small battles but in tha end, we lost an'd I came back to the union. We're still'a bit miffy with certain people but I'm tryin' to get over my old ways. I think I'm doin' good! We even helped in knockin' out segregation in schools with tha Little Rock Nine, if ya ever heard 'bout that! Other than that...My bosses have continously made rules an' stuff to MAKE SURE people pronounce our name right. It starts a lotta fights. It's illegal to say my name wrong! Fer some reason a lot of Chinese, Italian, and Syrian people came ta my land and made me pretty diverse. I started havin' trouble with ma farms big time an' we sorta took advantage of the people ta get money out of them.../sob. I reget it, definitely. Some Germans, Irish, and Slovaks also came to me as well an'...Not a lot happens, really. I-I've got nothin' of real importance...(SOB) I did 'ave the 42nd president, Mista Bill Clinton! He's a swell guy let me tell you what.

(I'd like to put into account I'm not racist s-sob. Arkansas was just brought up thinking that was normal and there's a lot of racism still here today, it's bad. I used to live in a town where they threatened and ran the only black man out. RECENTLY. I mean, wtf.)

18. Got any bad habits? (Example, Ohio tends to drop things a lot. This is because he has quite a number of earthquakes in his region and it causes him to be clumsy. Or how he smokes = pollution. Describe the habits and give a reason for them being there.)

Hm...U-Uh...I guess not likin' strangers? ;u; I know it isn't good...I can't really 'elp it... A-An' I'm not ta smartest person...Heavens no... A-Ah often fall fer jokes from my family...T-They think it's funny playin' jokes on meh...

(Obviously, I've explained this one before. Arkansans aren't nice to outsiders. And Arkansas is quite dumb and easily fooled, it's sad. That's how a lot of citizens are like. We often make the news for falling for jokes or something from other states, they've actually done it. There was something on the news about one of our governors hearing about the Canadians doing something nice for the environment and they instead said 'Congratulations on being an igloo!' or something stupid like that. ;u; It's dumb. I mean, hell, Bill Clinton came from us. So yeah, there you go. He doesn't really do anything bad as in smoking or drinking...However, he is clumsy cause of all the weather and tornadoes he has. He has a habit of not eating because he gives to others rather than himself. Actually, in a lot of Arkansas history, his citizens often starved or went without food, especially during Civil War times. He's quite thin. So I suppose his persistent need to put others above himself is a bad habit? His need to follow his religion strictly...That can be bad too. Over religious and pressured. How judgmental he is...He's tried to change but it's hard with his people. He is still a tiny bit racist even though he tries not to. Etc. And there's also a gap in between the rich and poor here. I've often seen fancy mansions...Sitting right next to trailer parks. Welcome to Arkansas. You either hit or miss here, there isn't really that much of a middle ground.)

19. Tell us anything about yourself you'd care to share? (Anything I haven't mentioned or brought up that you'd like to tell us about?)

...N-Not that I can think of ;u;...OH. I 'ave pecans an' diamonds always appearin' in my pockets! It's really cool ;u;.

(Ok. This is a neat little feature I have for Arkansas. His pockets, no matter what he's wearing, seems to spawn pecans and diamonds. He's the only state in the US that can actually mine diamonds and the ONLY place IN THE WORLD that has that diamond mine open to the public and offers them to come in and dig around for a small little fee. (I think it's like $100 or so. But you can find some good shit, man.) And he just LOVES pecans. Seriously. You'll be able to lure him out with pecans. Absolutely. Whenever he's going through hard times, though, his pockets get a little more thin and not as much comes out. During happy times and especially during pecan season, his pockets are overflowing. And during the fall and winter months, he always has stray dogs following him. They're loose hunting dogs that hunters have taken with them but they've wandered off. Hunting is extremely popular down here so yeah. And he LOVES to swim. Especially skinny-dipping. He only skinny-dips by himself or around his 'close' family. Anyone else he gets shy or runs away from. And ALOT of Arkansans have skinny-dipped at one point or another DO NOT LET THEM LIE TO YOU LOL. Yes I've done it too. In a light-up pool B) HELL YEAH. ;u; Yeah it was dumb but so cool at the same time lol. Oh and he sleeps in ONLY a shirt, nothing else. That's where a lot of the Italian in him comes out. eue. And he's barefoot nearly 24/7. He'll bitch if he has to wear shoes. And he definitely can't read ;u;. He often relies on his siblings to help him with that.)

20. Show us how you'd interact. Give us a sample, about a paragraph long or more, if you wish. (Give us an rp sample. This can be about anything, just include your character since this is YOUR application. Type it up as if you were rping with us in a random post. It can be about anything, a day in the life of your character, something they love doing [Hobby or something?], recalling on a past event, etc. Be as dramatic, serious, funny, etc as you want to be. And keep in mind, write it as if you were reading your post in a book, third person. Spelling and grammar counts, the only exception to this is your character's accent when they talk.

Here's a sample of the style we're looking for:

It was such a nice day. Connecticut loved going down to the dock on these days, talking with a few of the locals, hoping onto a boat, and just setting sail. The water was calm, the breeze felt good, and he couldn't hardly ask for a better day. "I'm sure you've steered before, right? Ya wanna take the wheel while I go set up some nets?" A local who had allowed him onto his boat came around the corner, talking to him and raising his hat with a smile. Abiel (Connecticut) nodded, "Sure thing, I'll take the wheel." He put, moving to shuffle past the captain so he could make his way to the Wheel house and take control. He hadn't been behind the wheel in such a long time, he looked forward to taking it into his hands again. It had been much too long.

There is a good example. Use as much detail as you'd like, the more the better.)

Arkansas smiled as he fished around in his pockets, looking for something...He dug past the pecans lining his pockets heavily before pulling out a few diamonds that were buried in, like needles in a haystack. He pulled out his hand, eating the pecans he managed to catch along with the diamonds until he had nothing left but the shiny stones. They were quite large and gleamed in the sunlight shining down on him. He smiled in the warm sun, leaning back in the grass and holding the diamonds up inbetween his thumb and index finger, blocking out the sun and making the diamonds completely light up from the sun's rays. They looked so beautiful. He was quite proud of them and was always so generous as to give them to his siblings whenever he saw them. He was starting at them before his eyelids started to droop and close, tired. His hand fell slowly back to the ground as he laid in the grass, basking in the warm sun. He could stay out here forever~ Or until crazy weather around his parts acted up. Which was always the case. Sob. And, of course, he woke up to rain on his face not too much longer and suddenly the grass flooded around him. There was a little funny quote everyone loved to say in Arkansas. It rains twice a week. The first time for three days and the second time for four. It rained a lot and it seemed as if he'd have to run inside before he caught a bad cold and warm up. Even though it felt gross to be outside in such weather, it only made the hot shower and the nap after wards just that much better. It was nice being so far away and not bothered much, so very peaceful~

(I used the most of paragraph from another site that I used this to apply for. It was in my own words in the first place technically so there is no harm in using it, I just added a bit more detail to the end. Ah, a day in the life of Arkansas. I do much better though when I rp with other people, as I know many of you guys probably do as well. But it doesn't hurt to try. If I can do it, you can too~.)


(A/N: Heya! I'm Arkansan born and raised! I was born in Fort Smith, Arkansas on June 4th, 1990, and when I was probably only around 4 or so we moved to Conway, Arkansas, where I grew up most of my life until I graduated. Ever since then I've moved and lived in various locations...Midland,Arkansas. Atkins, Arkansas...And I've visited a lot of places as well. When I was younger my family decided to take a giant RV trip across the United States and I got to see a LOT of the states I would've probably never seen otherwise. I've walked the Grand Canyon. I've been on the Rockies. Badlands? Been there. Mount Rushmore? Sure thing. Space Needle? It was so fun eating in it. The giant Redwoods of California? Those trees are fucking huge, no joke. I've been to so many places, it was fun and I'll never forget it. The states I haven't been to yet are Alaska, Hawaii, and the Northeastern/Mid-Atlantic, etc. However, a friend just recently invited me to come live with her when the military moves her to New Jersey. I'm seriously considering it and I want to really bad. I hope it works out ;u;. I would love to see those states finally~ And after that, I was planning on moving to Ohio. <3)

(I created this test and made it so long to test people. Those who obviously aren't going to put much effort in it are going to give it up almost immediately. It's an automatic filter. If someone has the patience and will to do this test, just like how I proved I can do it as well, then you guys can too! It isn't that hard and you can take it any pace you want, saving little bits to the side slowly over time or doing it all in one sitting, it doesn't matter. Just don't submit bit and pieces at a time. Send it all together or none at all, please. I really hope I get to meet a lot of people, I think this will be a fun experience. I'll be looking forward to meeting all of you and playing!)
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(HUZZAH. OH DEAR LORD THAT TOOK A LONG TIME. I already have my Ohio application done, I did that much in advance to this one. I literally JUST completed this one and did it without anything. I'm glad it's done with. You see you guys? If I can do it, YOU CAN TOO. ;u; I hope you guys enjoy reading about other states and everything like I do, it's fun to do so, it helps you learn about everyone eue.)
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Heya, Arkansas 'ere!~
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