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PostSubject: Moderators   Moderators EmptyWed Mar 09, 2011 9:04 am

Hello again~

I was thinking on another topic that I thought I'd bring up about moderators for this forum. I've already had a few ideas of who I'd like to be on my moderating team (And, the larger our group gets, the more mods I'll have to assign. But for now I'm keeping the moderator list open for only three people now.) and to help me along with this forum.

The main duties of a mod...What I'm able to come up with for duties, anyways, is to regulate and monitor the forum. Keep track of our users, if anyone is harassing people, someone who is ignoring or breaking huge rules (Like posting lots of gore without warnings on the pictures or something...Idk), and etc, reporting them in to me and talking over with me and the other mods I shall assign. Another duty was going to be judging entries for the states application. Noticing any major flaws (Like, for instance, if they're rping an Alaska and they have them running around in sandals and flip flops...Isn't that kind of weird? Or having Michigan BFFLS!!1!11 with Ohio. Sorry, that doesn't work out.) and etc that need to be called out on. Just...Keeping the peace, mainly, is a good idea. Monitoring rps as well is a main thing. Not everyone is going to be involved in every single rp or anything that comes through on this site. If we had different moderators in different spots, who are able to report to the other mods and admin about what's going on so they can come look at it and see...That helps out a lot. I can't be everywhere at once. I also wanted mods to help me make the forum easier for EVERYONE. Like my rules and stuff. I like to ramble and I have a hard time sometimes making it very simple and clear. I like to usually illustrate examples and everything so that its PERFECTLY CLEAR without any holes in my rulings or logic. If I could have a mod who could go in after me and suggest ways to clean up my wordings and everything better...Oh yes I'd love that. That and to just not be alone in regulating this site. It's always better with a team of people with different views and points.

My problem however is that not enough have applied so far. I mean, just people or the people I had in idea to be mods in general, haven't applied. Creating an account and being able to role play won't cut it. You /need/ to pass that states application and get on the 'Big list' of accepted states/territories. Until then, I can't do anything. That's the basic rule I have for everyone, there are no special acceptations or anything. One of the people I want to be a mod has had a bit of trouble with their app (It getting erased or etc etc) and also on a field trip for several days. I can't do anything there but wait. Another one hasn't filled out their application yet either. And I would like a third one but...As I said, not everyone has turned in their application yet or it's still a work in progress (WIP mode).

I would like people very soon. And those that I will assign to be mods here, I'd like to assign as mods for the future DA group I intend on making for this forum as well. I'll obviously need help there as well, filtering pictures, accepting pictures, and whatnot. And I can only let you become a member of that group that I shall install if you're a member on here...Which means you need to complete your state's application and turn it in.

Otherwise I can't accept you.

Alright. So I thought I'd write it all out, but, if you're too lazy to read or would like the main points, I'll list them below.

What I want:

  • Moderators - People who can help me moderate and help make the forums easier for us all. (User with benefits. You will have a special rank given to you.)
What Are Moderator Duties:

  • Helping the Admin reword, rewrite, and reorganize the forum, special topics (Like rules, etc), and suggesting ideas to make it all better.
  • Helping keep the peace. Keep an eye on everyone, make sure everyone is happy, no one is hurt, rules are ok and followed, etc.
  • Watch over the rps, helping to remove or lock inactive ones. Same thing with inactive users.
  • Keeping the forum alive in general. Help by submitting polls, topics, starting rps, etc. Just whatever.
  • Help judge and evaluate states applications. We need 3 Mods (At least) for approval of states apps. (Admin vote is overpowering mod vote. If the Admin thinks it's perfect and fine, then it passes.)
  • Help mod and regulate the future DA Group that will be created too. Which means sorting pictures, accepting pictures, accepting members (If they're registered with this group, I'll state rules on that later), etc. Keeping the peace there as well.
  • Other than that, they can play around like a regular user too. They're just a regular user with certain reputation and power benefits, really.

But. As I said before, I CANNOT accept you to be a mod if you haven't already signed up and filled out a states application. I am not planning on starting that DA group until I have a proper picture for the main group picture icon and at least ONE mod to go with me. So really, having no mods is halting me a bit myself in the further progression of this site. I'd love it for more people to join and become a part of the community soon.

How many mods am I looking for?

  1. One
  2. Two
  3. Guess what? Three.
That's all I'm looking for at the moment. Three. I already have an idea of who I want two to be. However, I still have a third spot open that I haven't chosen for anyone yet. So, if anyone is interested...Please, go on and respond to this topic and tell me. I'll look into it, ok? eue <3
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