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 Site Challenge: DA Group Icon!

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Site Challenge: DA Group Icon! Empty
PostSubject: Site Challenge: DA Group Icon!   Site Challenge: DA Group Icon! EmptyWed Mar 09, 2011 10:02 am

I've decided to go ahead and go full-steam ahead with the DA Group idea. It would increase traffic to our site as well as an easily manageable location for our photos, pictures, and all of that. You would be able to link to the artists as well, you guys would have more traffic yourselves as well as this site! So it's a win-win solution. This site is just so limited and only would offer me a 20 MB storage for pictures, which is just sad, when DA is unlimited + traffic.

If you're registered with the group on this forum (Have an account here, have taken the states application, passed, and on the big list of states/territories...) then we'll invite you to become a member, of course. Only members of this forum will be allowed to join this group, it's special. However, people can always watch, that's never a problem!

The group obviously hasn't been created yet. Why am I waiting? Because I want a moderator. I will only assign a moderator who has become registered with us, there are no special acceptations. You must do the application in order to get in, I'm not letting anyone slip by that, not even myself. Not only that, but I want a moderator who will not only moderate this site with me but ALSO immediately come with me to be a moderator of my new DA Group that I shall make. I've been waiting to ask three people to become mods for me. It's just a long waiting process, it seems.

However, that's not it.

I would ALSO like to have a DA Group icon before I get in there and start making it. I don't want a naked icon or to wait a bit. You get more recognition if you have an icon that sticks out and attracts people, showing off what your group is about.

So, I invite you guys to help design a new DA Group icon for us! It has to be states related. You can animate it, whatever. I would like the color theme red, white, blue, and black would be ok as well. Make sure it's pleasant to the eyes and relaxed. You can include characters or whatever if you want, I don't mind, just send me your ideas. You can type up your ideas, sketch them out and embed an image here, or anything you want! I'd like to hear what you guys have on this idea! Go for it~
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Site Challenge: DA Group Icon!
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